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Great Aunt T
Aunt T
Name Great Aunt T
Gender Female
Species Human
Relatives *Charles (husband)

First Appearance "A Rugrats Kwanzaa"
Voiced by Irma P. Hall

Great Aunt T is the aunt of Lucy Carmichael and the great-aunt of Susie Carmichael and her siblings. She appeared in "A Rugrats Kwanzaa".


Great Aunt T is Susie's great aunt, who visits the Carmichaels for the Kwanzaa holiday. She teaches Susie that everyone is great in their own way. She's seen a lot of things over the years and has even met Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. when he had car troubles while on his way to make his famous "I Have A Dream" speech. She was also present when her sister, (Lucy Carmicheal's mother) gave a young Lucy courage to sing her solo in the church choir. She and Lucy have a close relationship, so close that when she found out that Lucy's finacial aid didn't have enough to put her through medical school, Aunt T more than willingly gave her all the money she needed to go to college. Saying in a proud and loving manner "What do you think your Uncle Charles and I have been saving up for?", then tells Lucy she has great confidence that she'll be the best doctor. Aunt T is a loving, free-spirited, fun-loving, and music loving person. She gets along great with the babies, and Susie takes a like to her great Aunt T. She's also known for her strong hugs that Edwin said "you've got the grip of a boa constrictor, Aunt T". And she's apparently a bit of a loud mouth as she quoted her husband said, and he even gave her an award for the biggest mouth in the town for it.


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