Through the Maze

Through the Maze in the level Grandpa's teeth

Grandpa's Teeth is a level in the Rugrats: Search for Reptar game for the PlayStation. It is based on the TV episode of the same name from season one and is classified as having a medium difficulty level.


Like in the TV episode, this level is set in the park. Lou takes his dentures out in front of Tommy and Chuckie and tucks into Didi's potato salad despite warnings not to. While no one is looking, Spike grabs Lou's dentures off of the picnic table and runs off with them. This leads to the main plotline.


Your first objective in this level is to find Spike. You start out in the playground and must find your way through a maze which leads you to Spike. There are many dead ends in the maze and it is very easy to get lost if you've never played before. Also in your way will be several geese, which are hiding around some of the corners; you will lose health if you come into contact with them. Keep trying to find your way through the maze until you come to a wooden arch with a bench beyond it (also here is a cookie, which is helpful if you've lost any health). Progressing past this point will lead to the next section of the level.

In the cutscene that follows, Tommy and Chuckie find Spike, with Lou's dentures. He drops them and Chuckie tries to recover them, but then a goose picks them up. It then flips Chuckie up onto its back and runs away with him, leaving Tommy and Spike to rescue him.

This section of the level is played while riding on Spike's back. Your objective is to follow the goose down the trail until you reach the shuffleboard court. There are several obstacles that you must jump over, including benches, tree trunks and fences.

When you get to the shuffleboard court, your objective changes yet again for the final part of the level: now you must throw pucks at the goose as it chases Chuckie around the court. Be careful with your aim, as it is possible to hit Chuckie. If this happens four times, you have to start over. Five successful hits on the goose will cause it to spit Lou's dentures out and you will win the level.


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