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Grandpa's Teeth Gallery Transcript

Didi: That was wonderful, Pop!
Stu: Yeah, those new dentures really make the difference.
Lou: Yep. Glad I had a new set made. Don't think I could've played my horn with the old pair. Still feel kinda funny, though. Maybe I'll take them out for just a sec so I can break into some of Didi's famous potato salad.
Stu: Pop, don't!
Didi: [Gasps] Remember what happened last time you took your teeth out?
Lou: Wasn't my fault Drew knocked 'em into the spaghetti sauce! In my day, people watched where they lay their elbows!
Drew: It was the Jell-O mould, Pop, and YOU knocked 'em in.
Stu: Hey, Drew, check it out. That guy brought one of those new gas-powered turbo barbecues.
Drew: Really? Just do use all a favour, Pop, and keep 'em in your mouth until you're home!
Didi: Grandpa! Are you eating Jell-O without your teeth again? I insist you put them back right this minute, please!
Lou: OK, OK, Didi! They're just behind this bowl of salad. Hey! Where's my teeth?! They were laying here just a minute ago!
Didi: Now, let's not panic.
Lou: I can't play my trumpet without my teeth!
Didi: After all, how far could they have gone? Who would want them?
Drew: What's going on?
Didi: He lost his teeth again!
Drew and Stu: Oh, no!
Didi: Think for a moment, Pop. What was the last thing you did with your teeth before you lost them?
Lou: Well, just took them out to have a bite of your salad and then-- Uh-oh.
Didi, Drew and Stu: E-e-e-e-ew!

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