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Grandpa's Bad Bug Gallery Transcript
Season 5 Episode 1a
Grandpa's Bad Bug Title Card
Grandpa's Bad Bug
Original Airdate December 27, 1997
VHS release Dr. Tommy Pickles
DVD release Season 5
Previous Episode Pirate Light
Next Episode Lady Luck

Grandpa's Bad Bug is an fifth episode from Season 5 of Rugrats.

Characters Present


Grandpa gets out of doing chores by faking a "bad bug", though the Rugrats think he actually ate one. To take care of this, they find some "good bugs" for Grandpa to eat while he sleeps! - Description from Klasky Csupo



  • Grandpa Lou claimed that he used to stay up for fifteen days in a row and liked it. However, one hard-to-beat record for the most time without sleep is 264 hours, or eleven days, which was an extreme. After about a week, a person would hallucinate due to the lack of REM sleep. After less than two weeks, a person would experience brain damage, possibly permanent. It's pretty impossible for him to do this, much less enjoy it. It is possible that he is exaggerating with the number 15.
  • When Stu and Didi are in the garden, Didi is wearing a purple sweater but when she is zoomed in on and says" They're so Sweet" her outfit is the same red dress she always wears.
  • At the end of one scene, the babies are in their regular clothes instead of their pajamas.
  • Grandpa says he was once ensign in the corps, although other episodes show him in the army
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