Goober Man
Goober Man is an one-time character from the Rugrats episode "Big Showdown" and he is voiced by Mark Silverman.

The Goober Man was offering Goober dolls to every child that came to him. When he came across Tommy, he saw that Tommy had a Reptar doll and foolishly snatched it away from him, making him cry. Afterwards, he took the Reptar Doll and came across a Reptar Man who was apparently eating his sandwitch. They got into a fight to the point where the Goober Man fell onto a table, catapulting Tommy and Chuckie (when the former was trying to retrieve his Reptar doll), who were rescued by the Reptar Man. The Goober Man's costume was left torn apart and he was booed by the people for his foolish behavior.


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