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Goober is a toy gopher character that first appeared as the main antagonist in the Rugrats episode Big Showdown. Goober was introduced by Didi to the babies when Didi thinks she has exposed Tommy and Dil to Reptar too much. Chuckie and Dil were the first ones to play with Goober while Tommy, Phil, and Lil still played with Reptar. In the end however Dil still liked Goober. His lines consist of "Can I have a hug?" and "You're swell can I have a hug?" whenever the toy is squeezed. A man is also seen in a Goober costume in Big Showdown as well. The Goober toy has made an appearance in another episode which was No Place Like Home except the toy had purple fur with green hair instead of orange fur with brown hair. Goober is also seen in Susie's dream in No Place Like Home as the guard of the Wizard's castle. He is voiced by Wally Wingert


  • When the toy made another appearance the toy was purple instead of orange.
  • Goober is a parody of Barney the Dinosaur.


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