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Give and Take Gallery Transcript
Season 3 Episode 10a
Rugrats - Give & Take
Give and Take
Original Airdate November 28, 1993
VHS release Diapered Duo

On The Loose

DVD release Season 3
Previous Episode Stu Gets a Job
Next Episode The Gold Rush

Give and Take is the 10th Season 3 episode of Rugrats.

Characters Present


When Chuckie tells Tommy how much he likes Tommy's punching bag clown, he lets Chuckie borrow it . But when Tommy begins to miss his toy, he finds it much harder to ask his friend to give it back.

- Description from Klasky Csupo


Tommy reluctantly gives his new favorite toy that his father made for him, Mr. Boppo, a punching bag clown, to Chuckie, who is initially obsessed with it. When Angelica visits Chuckie and brings to his attention that Boppo resembles a clown (his greatest fear of all), Chuckie wants to give it back to Tommy. Angelica advises Chuckie not to do this because that would make him a "giver-backer", and Tommy would be upset if Chuckie gave back the gift. Chuckie still wants to get rid of Boppo on account of his fear of clowns, so Angelica finds a way to deflate Boppo, seemingly ruining the toy. At first, Chuckie is relieved that Boppo is gone, but begins to feel guilty that he broke Tommy's favorite toy, so he hides it in his toy box. Meanwhile, Tommy misses Boppo and considers asking Chuckie to give it back. Phil and Lil discourage this because they feel that this would make Tommy a "taker-backer", and it would be wrong for Tommy to take back a gift he gave to his best friend. Both friends are worried about hurting each other's feelings and decide not to say anything about Boppo. However, when Tommy visits Chuckie, he timidly asks where Boppo is, and Chuckie confesses that he is afraid of Boppo and wanted to give him back to Tommy. Tommy is happy to hear this, and admits to Chuckie that he wanted Boppo back in the first place. Chuckie then sadly tells Tommy that he broke Boppo the clown out of fear, and shows him the deflated toy. Tommy forgives Chuckie, but still feels sad that Boppo is broken. Stu then walks into Chuckie's room, notices that Boppo has been deflated, and fixes it for Tommy to play with once more. Tommy and Chuckie are glad that they told each other the truth about how they felt instead of hiding their feelings, and happily continue to play with Phil and Lil.


  • This is the second episode dealing with Chuckie's fear of clowns.


  • Boppo's eyes turn red when Chuckie shows the babies a trick.
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