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Season 9 Episode 13b
Rugrats Gimme An A
Gimme an 'A
Original Airdate June 8, 2003
DVD release Season 9
Previous Episode The Bravliest Baby
Next Episode Fountain Of Youth

"Gimme an "A"" is a Season 9 episode of Rugrats.

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It starts with Didi in a rush feeding Tommy, but hastily giving him a whisk instead of a spoon, then Charles arrives with Chuckie and Kimi, and Betty arrives with Phil and Lil. They leave a sleeping Stu with Dil who is also sleeping, Spiffy chewing Stu's pajamas, Grandpa Lou and Spike. Climbing into the car, Didi says "We're off to collage", so the babies think that they are too young to go to collage as they can't read, write, tie their shoes or count and Tommy, Kimi, Phil and Lil aren't even potty trained. Didi talks to Betty about babies falling asleep. The babies note that the college people are much older than them and some are a bit strange. Didi drops the kids off in a room next to the classroom. They like the room as it is full of toys which they play with. She puts a lullaby pig in the room. Lil thinks they should dance as it is music so they dance. Didi freaks out saying she needs to get an "A" or she'll cry. The babies don't want Tommy's mommy to cry. Tommy is determined to make sure his mummy gets an "A", but he doesn't know what an "A" is. Chuckie knows and makes a capital "A" with his fingers which the twins don't get. Then they set off to find an "A". Outside, a bunch of people are chanting and holding signs that say "LUNCH IS A HUMAN RIGHT". Tommy tells Chuckie to get one of the "A"s from the signs but he is scared. Chuckie sets off but gets tangled in a chain. Tommy and Kimi tie the chain to a bike and they get unchained. Then a woman runs off shouting "I got an 'A'! I got an 'A'!". Tommy leads the babies to follow the A lady inside. Phil sees a lady with a mud mask and thinks "Cool, you get to play with mud in colledge!" They find the A lady who is excitedly showing her room mate (a cynical-seeming woman), but it turns out the "A" wasn't hers and she cries, confirming to the babies that if you don't get an "A", you'll cry. On the sports field, some cheerleaders are holding signs in big blue letters. One sign says "KIN", one says "YUK" and one says "A". Tommy is after the latter. A ballgame starts and the "A" sign gets trampled but is OK and the babies get it. In class, a man shows an experiment to do with a baby, a crib and a globe. The kids arrive back in the toy room. Tommy gives Didi the A. Didi then leaves, starting the lullaby pig again. The happy babies then take a nap. Didi gets an A+.


  • This isn't the first time Tommy was used for a class assignment -- in "Little Dude", Didi used Tommy to show her students how to change a diaper.


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