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[[Category:List of Episodes Where No the Adults Don't Appear]]
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[[Category:Episodes Where the Adults Don't Appear]]

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Ghost Story is an episode of Rugrats from season six. This episode also has characters from Aaahh! Real Monsters. Thus, it is a crossover with Klasky Csupo's work.

Season 6 Episode 12a
Rugrats Crossover.jpg
Ghost Story
Original Airdate March 27, 1999
VHS release Halloween
DVD release Season 6
Holiday Celebration
Previous Episode The Old Country
Next Episode Chuckie's Complaint

Characters Present


Tommy and Dil, Chuckie, and Phil and Lil are having a sleepover at Angelica's house and are having a "campout" in her room. There's a thunderstorm going on outside, and Angelica decides that they should start telling scary stories, but they should take turns telling the story. Chuckie tells the first part, but at first it's cheerful and not scary, but Angelica orders him to tell it right, which he does (reluctantly). In his story, Chuckie meets Phil and Lil, who then take their turn telling the story.

Phil and Lil take Chuckie upstairs on a giant worm (which Angelica claims isn't scary, but just plain gross). There, Chuckie's chased by a ghost who turns into Tommy. Angelica appears in the story as a witch and hides the key to the attic of the house. While the babies are searching for the key, Chuckie opens a door and sees the Real Monsters staring at him on the TV. He closes the door, but Angelica orders the monsters to get the Rugrats. Fortunately, Tommy manages to distract by telling them that there's chocolate pudding in the downstairs kitchen, and after Ickis licks Chuckie, he states that eating the pudding would be a better choice.

The monsters leave, angering Angelica, and the babies go upstairs and fall asleep in a nice bedroom with a giant nightlight made to look like a teddy bear. Angelica bursts in and yells at them, claiming that this is dumb story, but they continue sleeping. Angelica then tells what a real scary is like: being trapped in a creepy house all alone with a bunch of scary monsters. As she's saying this, the monsterly trio comes up behind her, and Angelica ends up scaring herself, and runs out of her bedroom, calling for her parents, as the episode ends.


  • Phil as the "Creepy Man" wears an outfit and looks similar to Gabor Csupo of Klasky-Csupo.
  • In all the scenes where the door to the attic is shown, the "WELCOME" mat is not there. It appears after the monsters go down to the kitchen.
  • Tommy being a cute ghost slightly resembles Casper The Friendly Ghost. It also counts as a reference.
  • This is a Rugrats/Aaahh!!! Real Monsters crossover. Both series are works of Klasky-Csupo.