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Garage Sale Gallery Transcript
Season 2 Episode 6b
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Garage Sale
Original Airdate October 11, 1992
DVD release The Best of Season 2
Season 2
Complete Series
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"Garage Sale" is the second segment of the sixth episode of season 2, and the nineteenth Rugrats episode overall.

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To make room for some new stuff (including Stu's new stereo), the Pickles' sell their unwanted goods at their garage sale, only to end up selling everything but the kitchen sink -- thanks to the Rugrats.

- Description from Klasky Csupo


Stu and Didi are having a garage sale. They even took out ad space in the newspaper about it. Stu is excited to unload some of the old items they have to make room for his new stereo. Betty arrives with Phil and Lil, as well as more items to sell. The babies watch the grownups as they walk back and forth with boxes. They are confused as to what a garage sale is. Angelica arrives and explains that grownups will come to the garage sale to take old things "off your hands." The babies worriedly look at their own hands.

The grownups continue to set up for the garage sale. Stu can't bear to part with his Whirly Mover, a fan-powered scooter for toddlers. Didi wants to hang onto her old records. Stu also wants to keep his old disco suit, but Didi asserts that it had been decades since he wore it. Angelica asks what disco is, and Didi tells her that it happened a long time ago, and is never coming back. Once everything is ready, they slowly start to get customers.

Chas brings Chuckie over and puts him in the playpen. Tommy is still worried about possibly losing his hands, but Chuckie explains what will happen based on the garage sale at his own house. Other grownups will take the items from the front lawn, but he is not sure why. He adds that once the old things were gone, they put newer things in the house. The other babies get excited about this. Lil then notices that there are still a lot of things inside the house, and Tommy proposes they help the grownups by putting everything outside.

The babies start putting various knickknacks and personal belongings outside without the adults noticing. The disco suit and old records end up outside and are sold (some at a significant loss, thanks to Grandpa's haggling skills). The babies pile up the biggest things they can find and try bringing in the wagon from outside. Angelica comes back and asks what the babies are doing. Tommy asks if she can help them move the items the grownups left behind into the wagon for the garage sale. Angelica starts to correct him, but then agrees, knowing the trouble it will cause. After loading the final item, the Whirly Mover, into the wagon, the babies are ready to bring the pile outside. Angelica asks that they not mention that she was involved.

They try pushing the wagon down the hall towards the door. The pile has become too heavy and cumbersome, and bumps against the wall. Chuckie suggests someone climb onto the pile to steer while the others push, and Tommy tells him to be the one to steer. Chuckie sits on the pile and uses the wagon handle to steer, but it is slow-going for the pushers. Angelica tries reaching up higher to get more leverage. She accidentally activates the Whirly Mover, and its powerful fan sends the wagon, and Chuckie, on a wild ride. He rides outside, crashing into clothes and boxes, finally coming to a stop on a folded mattress. The babies see the grownups things being sold, and are happy that they helped. Angelica finds the whole situation funny, and Chuckie makes his way back inside, yelling about his experience.

Eventually, everything at the garage sale is sold. Stu and Didi earned $237 in total for all of their items. Didi is looking forward to the extra space in the house, but as everyone finds when they enter, there is a vastness of empty space. Whatever has not been bolted to the floor is gone, causing Stu to scream in anguish.

Later that night, the grownups and Angelica are gathered around some candles, singing Kumbaya. Didi serves hot dogs on paper plates to Betty and Chas. Stu is on the other side of the room, fuming about his lost disco suit, 8-tracks, and stereo. Didi tries to be positive, saying that without their material possessions, they can focus on what is important, like their family and friends. Stu just tells Didi to put a sock in it.


  • Although it appears Stu sold his disco suit in this episode, it reappears in "Stu Gets A Job" and in "All Growed Up".
  • Didi claims that Stu hasn't worn his disco suit since 1977. This is a reference to the John Travolta film Saturday Night Fever.
  • The events from "Barbecue Story" were mentioned.
  • When Stu screamed when he saw their goods missing, the satellite on top of the house fell off the roof and onto the back yard. This was assumed loosened by the babies when trying to take it to the sale, but gave up when they realized how big and heavy it was to carry downstairs. 
  • Chas can play the acoustic guitar.

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