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Game Show Didi Gallery Transcript
[The episode credits play over a pattern of red, green, and blue dots that move around]

Man's voice: With Clyde gone to get us some more pork rinds and cream cheese, I lowered my line into the lake, with nothing but a bare hook on the end. Well, danged if I didn't feel a bite! And it wasn't just any old bite, it was a biiii-iiii-iite!

[The dots zoom out, revealing that they make up the display on the Pickles' TV set; Tommy is standing very close to the screen, watching the man talk]

Man on TV: I knew right then I had snagged me a walla pike.

[the camera pans over to Grandpa, who has fallen asleep in his chair and is still holding the remote]

Didi: [walks into the living room, gasps loudly when she sees Tommy standing so close to the set, and walks over to him] No, no, no, honey! [lifts up Tommy and looks at him] Don't you know that focusing so closely on images can permanently damage your vision?

[As she talks, she looks closer into Tommy's eyes, which go cross-eyed, causing Tommy to see multiple copies of Didi's face. He quickly uncrosses his eyes, making his vision go back to normal. Didi sets Tommy down on the floor so he can crawl around, then approaches Grandpa, takes the remote from him without waking him up, sits down on the couch, and changes the channel from the fishing show to what looks like a talk show, but with a donkey as the host.]

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