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Fugitive Tommy Gallery Transcript
Timmy: (clears throat) And on this day, your first birthday, I the elderest McNulty pass down to you Timmy our family's ball. This very same ball, that has been in our family…since I was uh…(counts with his fingers to two)…this many, will now be yours to throw and catch and roll until another McNulty is born. Do you accept thsi responsibility?
Teddy: Uh… (cameras pans to an Gabriel hiding in the bushes and snacking on animal crackers) Yeah?
Timmy: Then I now present you with the ball. Catch! (Throws the ball in the air and it lands of Teddy's head before it bounces into the bushes) Come on, teddy. You can do it. Catch the ball!

(Teddy walks over to the bushes and spots the ball but struggles with Gabriel.)

Teddy: Hey, that's mine!

(Gabriel knocks Teddy down and walk off with the ball. Teddy then starts crying.)

Timmy: Hey, what's…
Teddy: He took the…the…ball and he knocked me…me….me down! (continues crying)

Tommy: (thinking) If only I had a screwdriver.

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