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Name Frederick
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation (unknown)
Interests Joking
Playing sports
Relatives Betty DeVille (sister)
Howard DeVille (brother-in-law)
Phil DeVille (nephew)
Lil DeVille (niece)
Hedley and Smedley (cousin)
Winifred (cousin)
Sir Cedric (Cousin)
Friends Betty
Enemies Betty (occasionally)
Only Appearance Brothers are Monsters

Frederick Giselle (or "Uncle Freddy") is the older brother of Betty DeVille, as well as Phil and Lil's maternal uncle. He has blond hair and wears a shirt identical to his sister but with the symbol for male. He is athletic like his sister and speaks with an accent. In the only episode he appeared in, it was revealed by Betty that Freddy used to bully her a lot when they kids, but now they get along much better as adults. Freddy admits that while he may have been a "monster" to his sister when they were kids, he says that he knows that older sisters can be "monsters" too, which makes his nephew, Phil, run away from Lil (who's the older twin) in fear. While Freddy's comment is never elaborated upon, it's possible that he and Betty have another sister (one who's older than him) who may have bullied him a lot when they were kids. It's also possible that he was simply talking about someone who knew who had a mean older sister (which is probably the more likely theory).


Freddy, often referred to, simply as Uncle Freddy, is the older brother of Betty DeVille, the mother of Phil and Lil and the wife of Howard DeVille. He is classified a minor character in the Rugrats TV series.


Freddy has peach skin, a beard and a pair of white eyes with black pupils. He has blond hair and wears a blue shirt.


Freddy has only appeared in one episode of Rugrats, Brothers are Monsters.


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