Francine Garcia
Also Known As Growth Spurt (by Phil DeVille)
"Little Franny" (young)
Gender Female
Birth Date 1989
Age 12
Race Human
Occupation School student
Interests Picking on Tommy Pickles (once)
Relatives Unknown
Friends Tommy Pickles
Dil Pickles
Enemies Tommy Pickles (once)
Voice Actor Philece Sampler
First Appearance "Fools Rush In" (2004) (Only Appearance)

Francine Garcia is the main antagonist of the All Grown Up! episode "Fools Rush In".


After being cut from one of Tommy's films, she bullies him by playing vicious pranks on him, in the episode "Fools Rush In". However, after Tommy apologizes, she becomes Tommy's friend and apologizes for her rude behavior.


  • She was cut from Tommy's film, "When Fifth Graders Attack".
  • She claims that she invited all her friends and family to the premier of the film.
  • She was angry that only a long shot of her elbow survived the cut.
  • She saved Tommy from falling from a second story area.
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