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Season 9 Episode 14a
Rugrats Fountain Of Youth
Fountain Of Youth
Original Airdate October 5, 2002
August 1, 2004
DVD release Season 9
Previous Episode Gimme an "A"
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"Fountain of Youth" is a Season 9 episode of Rugrats.

Characters Present


The babies thought that the grown ups are going to change into babies when they touch the fountain, but then they didn't once they touched it.


We see a pond in the middle of a dirt road. The family van drives up the road, and then we see Chas following the van. They drive up to a cabin next to Lake Crackanee.

Stu and Drew exit the van, and Drew then slides open the door of the van. Kira take Kimi and Chuckie out of the car, while Chas unbuckles the straps on the luggage on top of their car.

Stu and Drew look at the cabin, and Stu remarks: “It’s just like I remembered.” Drew puts his hand on Stu, and Drew says that it’s a great idea coming up to Lake Crackanee. Stu answers that they’ll be just like kids again while heading to the rear of the car, unbuckling the straps on the luggage, but the luggage falls down, but Stu avoided the luggage. Stu tries to lift up a briefcase, but his back aches, and asks Drew for help. Drew comes to help Stu.

Didi is seen carrying a box with some stuff inside along with Dil. Stu and Drew together carry a long box with some stuff inside. The camera pans to the babies.

Tommy says to Kimi and Chuckie that Stu and Drew used to drive to Lake Crackanee all the time when they were babies. Chuckie responds that he didn’t know that babies could drive. Kimi sees the trees and she says that the trees were the biggest that she ever saw, while a pine cone falls from the trees and Chuckie nearly avoids it, and Chuckies yells: “Hey, that one’s throwing stuff at me!”

Kimi looks at the cabin and marvels: “Wow! It’s a house made out of trees!” Tommy asks the gang to go inside.

Chas and Kira are walking and Chas asks Kira that this is the place that Stu, Drew and him, and Kira finishes the sentence by saying for the very first time, and Kira says that Chas mentioned it, more than once.

Charlotte is seen talking on her phone, and the reception cuts out, and Charlotte gets frustrated and hangs up. Angelica asks Charlotte that she doesn’t want to stay in “the old stinky house with the dumb stinky babies.” Charlotte responds that they’re doing this for Stu and Drew, who have “the misguided belief that they can recap to their youth by visiting their childhood vacation shanty.” Charlotte asks Angelica to have a good time. Charlotte then smiles to Angelica, and Angelica smiles back. Angelica then has a grumpy emotion and follows Charlotte.

The gang arrives in the cabin and looks around. They explore some more. Chuckies sees a artificial bear skin and shrieks. Kimi thinks it’s a bear, but somebody then smooshed him. Tommy looks under the bear and remarks to Chuckie that “he’s not going anywheres.”

The gang walks along, but Chuckie sidesteps for a little bit then runs to Tommy and Kimi.

Stu and Drew then runs to the bedroom and Stu yells that he’s going to get the top bunk, Drew responds that Stu always gets the top bunk.

Stu yells: “Did not!” Drew responds: “Did too!” Stu and Drew repeats said words, but the ladder breaks, and they both fall down and scream. They both moan.

Didi looks into the room and asks Stu that if there is anything that he didn’t bring from home. Stu responds that he has some old home movies to show everyone. Stu grabs Drew with him.

We see a projector playing a movie, and Stu narrates the movie. Drew and Stu, as kids, goes inside the cabin after a long hard day at the lake.

Drew rubs a fish on Stu’s face, and Stu cries. Stu says to Drew that he gets the top bunk. Drew responds that HE gets it. Drew from the present world points that Stu always gets the top bunk. Tommy says that their daddies used to have fun, and that they were babies like them. Chuckie giggles and says to Tommy that his daddy was never a baby like that.

Chas, as a kid, screams and points to a bear skin, and he yells for his mommy, and runs away. The whole gang laughs, and Drew points to Chas and says: “That’s Chas, all right.”

Stu says that was the first weekend that they met Chas, during the dreaded lake incident. Chas is sick of movies and he turns off the projector, and asks everyone for a game of Parcheesi.

Stu remarks that they were great times, and he wishes that they could be kids again.

Tommy says to Chuckie and Kimi that his daddy wants to be a baby again. Kimi answers: “‘Course he does. We have all the fun.” Tommy answers that it would be even MORE fun that if they were babies again.

The camera spins into Tommy’s eye, and it shows a hammer hammering a nail. Stu shows Drew what he builded. The machine has plungers as wheels, and 2 shifter sticks to control the machine. Drew responds that it doesn’t look very safe. The gang gets into the machine and start driving it. Tommy is with Stu and Drew. They control the machine to go up the ceiling and the Tommy’s imagination scene ends.

Chuckie sighs and he’d have somebody to be scaredy with, and the camera spins into Chuckie’s eye.

A door opens with a creak, with Chuckie and young Chas at the door. There is a very long and dark stairway in there, and there are some chains rattling. Chuckie says that he’s not going in there, and Chas responds that he’s not going in there either. Chuckie asks: “You’re not.” Chas responds no. Chas hugs Chuckie and the door closes.

The camera spins out of Chuckie’s eye, then Chuckies asks that it would be nice if they were babies like them. Tommy and Kimi responds with yes. Kimi is not shown with her baby mother because Kira and Kimi were originally from Japan.

The adults are all playing Parcheesi, and Chas rolls 2 dice. He thrown them so hard that the dice gone off the table. Drew tries to grab the dice and his back aches, and Didi asks that Drew isn’t as young as he used to be, and Stu says that the only way to be young again is to find the fountain of youth.

Tommy remarks: “That’s it! They can be babies again. Alls we have to do is to help them find the fountain of yoofs.” Chuckie and Kimi respond “Yeah!”

Chuckie searches the fridge, Tommy searches the closet, and Kimi searched the toilet. The babies are searching around while Angelica asks the babies: “What are you babies looking for?” Tommy responds: “The fountain of yoofs. And when we find it, our mommies and daddies are going to turn into babies.” Angelica responds: “What are you... Oh, really? Wow! That’s going to be great, babies.” Kimi responds: “Yeah! Then we’re going to have lots of fun.” Angelica responds: “You sure are. What a great idea.” Chuckie thanks Angelica. Angelica says: “I wonder who will be in charge when the mommies and daddies turn into babies. Let me see, let me see, let me see... Probably the oldest person. Now, who could that be? Oh! I know! Me.” The gang gasps. Chuckie asks Tommy: “Oh, no, Tommy, what have we done?” Tommy asks Chuckie that their mommies and daddies won’t turn into babies, because they looked all over and that there’s no fountain of yoofs anywhere.

Angelica responds: “Nope. Except that one.” The camera shows a fountain in the middle of the lake. The babies gasp. Angelica laughs menacingly.

Charlotte moves her piece to the winning place and says she wins. She then asks that if they can stop playing.

The camera goes over to the babies and Tommy says to the gang that they got to cover the windows before their parents see the fountain. The babies strain to close the windows.

Didi notices the kids and says to the parents that how excited they are, and that they want to go to the lake. Stu grabs Tommy to go to the lake, but the Chas asks: “How about another game of Parcheesi?”

Everyone is now outside at the lake, and that the babies parents are wearing swimsuits.



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  • This is the first (and only) time we see Kimi in a bathing suit.
  • This is also the final appearance of Angelica in Rugrats.
  • Once again Boris and Minka don't go on the trip.
  • When Tommy and Chuckie visioned themselves with their dads as babies, the only one that you don't see is Kimi with her baby mom.
  • Oddly enough, Betty, Howard, Phil, and Lil don't go on this trip, and it is unknown why because this is an important trip which they're usually a part of.
  • At the end, a plesiosaur-like creature pops out of the lake briefly. This is possibly a reference to various lake monster sightings throughout the world, the most famous being the Loch Ness Monster.
  • This episode (along with "The Bravliest Baby", "Gimme an "A"" and "Kimi Takes the Cake") don't rerun on NickRewind for unknown reasons.


  • When Stu and Drew runs and then jumps into the lake, when they go in the lake, look at Drew’s right foot. His middle toe is green. This happens quickly, and you need to tape the episode, then run the tape slowly. Also, his toe is only green when his toes are at the forest in the background.


Rugrats - I'll make a man out of you

Rugrats - I'll make a man out of you

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