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Fluffy vs. Spike Gallery Transcript

Angelica : Because! (She turn the tapeplayer on and play Ride of The Valkryies, now Fluffy yawns)

Tommy: Spike, look out! (Fluffy dumped the dog food)

Angelica: Fluffy, you're funny!

Didi: What in the world is going on in here?

Angelica: He did it! He did it!

Didi: Spike, you naughty dog. (Didi gets the Black & Decker Dustbuster and suck on the dog food on Spike's head) Now, go sit in the corner, you've been a very bad dog.

Angelica: oh, did naughty old Spike scare, Fluff-Fluff.

Tommy: No!

Angelica: Do it!

Tommy: No!

Angelica: DO IT!!

Drew, Stu & Didi: Oh, no!

Didi:That does it! Bad dog! You know what this means, it's the garage for you. (Spike growls, and Fluffy licked her paws) That's right, Spike. You have to stay in the garage, just because you're a bad little puppy. Now you just stay here and think about what you done.

(Fluffy purrs and pat the bed down, Tommy gasps what Spike Left. Tommy begins Previa cry)

Stu: Oh, Tommy, what's wrong? It's Okay, champ. There all better.

Stu: Ain't she a beaut!

Didi, Stu & Drew: Huh?