RaceCat (Persian)
RelativesAngelica (owner)
Charlotte (owner)
Drew (owner)
Tommy (once)
Chuckie (once)
Phil (once)
Lil (once)
First AppearanceTouchdown Tommy
Fluffy is Angelica's pet Persian cat and resembles Angelica as well. The cat is the arch-nemesis of Spike, Tommy's dog. Fluffy appears in several episodes of the Rugrats TV series and is classified a recurring character in the series.


Fluffy is Angelica's pet cat. Angelica cares for her pet cat as if Fluffy were her child. Fluffy is moody like her owner Angelica. She rarely meows or purrs unless she really wants something. However Fluffy may not be mean, she may just break/wreck things by accident, either way Angelica often blames Spike for things Fluffy did. In Babysitting Fluffy, her naughtiness was mainly in self defense and she showed an ability to be friendly.


Fluffy is a white Persian breed of cat. She has yellow eyes with black pupils and two red hair bows. Tufts of hair cover the tops of her eyes, similar to the way Angelica wears her hair. She wears a dark purple collar that has no identifying information and is likely just for aesthetic purposes. In the episode, Babysitting Fluffy, she ends up jumping into the hot asphalt Chas is trying to resurface his driveway with and ends up bald except for the tufts of hair on the top of her head. 


Fluffy appeared in several episodes of Rugrats. Her first appearance was in Touchdown Tommy. Fluffy also appeared in All Grown Up! in the episode Lucky 13.


You can find Fluffy gallery here.


  • In Fluffy vs. SpikeFluffy's personality is similar to Si and Am from Disney's Lady and the Tramp. Both characters like wreck havoc and blame dogs on what they did.
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