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Finsterella Gallery Transcript

[We begin in the Finster household kitchen with Chas, Kimi, Marvin, Chuckie, and Kira. We see Marvin and Shirley making cookies while Kira serves Chuckie his lunch]

Kira: Chuckie, do you want something to eat?

Chuckie: No.

[But Chuckie eats his muffin anyway]

Chaz: (holding Kimi) Are you thirsty, little guy?

Chuckie: No.

(But nevertheless, he drinks from his sippy cup)

Marvin: Are you going to amount to anything?

Chuckie: No.

Chaz: i am so proud to hear my little guy speak his first word.

[Chuckie drinks from his sippy cup again]

Chas: Do you want more juice, Chuckie?

Chuckie: "No".

Chuckie: "Kimi, what are you doing here?"

Angelica: "Not bad, Shorty".

Kimi: "Not bad, Snorty".

Angelica: (to Chuckie) "Ah, clean it yourself, Finsterella."

Kimi: "Clean it yourself, Finestrella."

Kimi: "How bout' a fairy 'bobsister'?"

Chuckie: "No."

Kira: (speaking Japanese) You know I love you, too. 

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