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Season 7 Episode 4
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Original Airdate January 15, 2001
VHS release Decade in Diapers - Volume 2
DVD release Decade in Diapers (DVD)
Season 7

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"Finsterella" is a Season 7 episode of Rugrats. This episode continues from the events that happened in Rugrats in Paris: The Movie.

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When Chas reads "Cinderella" to the babies, Chuckie gets scared by the fact that he also has a "step-sister" and "step-mother". He begins to see other parallels in his own life to those in the story. When the Rugrats say they're going to a party and Chuckie isn't invited, it's only a matter of time before his "fairy bob-brother" shows up and Chuckie imagines himself in the fairy tale. - Description from Klasky Csupo.


The episode begins in the kitchen of Chuckie's house, where Marvin and Shirley are making cookies while Kira serves Chuckie his lunch. When Kira asks Chuckie if he wants something to eat, Chuckie says, "No", but eats his muffin anyway. Chas, who is holding Kimi, asks if Chuckie is thirsty. Chuckie tells him, "No", but drinks from his sippy cup anyway. Marvin asks Chuckie if he's ever going to amount to anything, but just as with Kira and Chas, Chuckie tells him "No". Chas is very proud to hear his son speak, even if it is only one word.

In the hallway, Tommy, Phil, and Lil all play ball with each other. Phil asks Tommy and Lil why all the adults want to do is hear Chuckie say "No". Tommy tells him he isn't sure, but Chuckie has been doing it since they were at the big church in Paris. Lil tells Phil and Tommy that "No" must be his favorite word.

Back in the kitchen, Kira kisses Chuckie on his forehead and tells her how proud she and Chas are of him. Upon hearing this, Kimi fidgets to get Kira's attention. Kira then assures Kimi that she loves her as well. Chuckie drinks from his sippy cup again, and Chas asks him if he wants more juice. Chuckie then tells him, "No".

In the living room, Fifi sniffs, and Kimi, wanting to play a game, sniffs just like her. Chuckie is now coloring with Tommy, Phil, and Lil at the table while Angelica looks for something to watch on TV. Fifi walks up to them and scratches behind hear ears with her hind leg. Kimi tries to do so as well. Fifi then walks up to Chuckie and licks him, and Kimi does the same. Phil sees this and asks Lil why she never licked his face. Lil tells him that she just never thought about it. Kimi then chases Fifi, knocking Chuckie down in the process. As Chuckie tries to get back up, Kimi hugs Chuckie's head and tells him that she loves her new big brother. Chuckie tells Kimi she's not too bad herself, then asks her if she can let go of his head. Kimi does so, and chases after Fifi. Tommy asks Chuckie if he really likes having a new little sister. Catching his breath, Chuckie tells him that he does, except for when she walks into the bathroom when he's using the toilet, goes through his stuff, jumps on his stomach when he's asleep, and climbs onto Chas' leg when he's already there. He then asks Tommy, Phil, and Lil if they've seen the state of his room lately.

In the kitchen, Chas sneezes when Fifi and Kimi walk past him. Kira asks Chas if he's okay, and tells him she didn't realize how much Fifi would affect his allergies. Chas assures her that his immune system should kick in in a few years. Shirley asks Chas if his feet are cold, and if he should put some shoes on. Chas assures her he's fine, then tells her that Kira is going to be starring in a play for the children's nursery rhyme theater. Marvin asks Chas what that has to do with shoes. Chas tells him that Kira will be playing the part of the Old Woman who lives in a shoe. Kira tells Chas, Marvin and Shirley that the role is a challenge for her, given her own kindly demeanor, but whenever she needs inspiration, she just thinks of her old boss, Coco LaBouche. Kimi chases Chuckie out of the kitchen, reminding Chas that he promised to read a story to the babies. He then tells Kira, Marvin and Shirley that afterwards, he's going to the courthouse to pick up Chuckie and Kimi's adoption papers. Shirley then asks Chas if he can pick up a few things for her on the way, and shows him a very long list. Kira then decides to start cleaning before her guests arrive, and to practice her lines along the way.

In the living room, all the babies gather around Chas, who is on the couch, ready to begin reading the story of Cinderella to them. Kira blows a kiss at him, and he begins. As he tells the story, Chas tells the babies that Cinderella lived with her wicked stepmother and stepsisters, who made her wear rags and forced her to do all the chores from morning to night while they relaxed. They even made her sleep on the floor. One day, a big party was held in a nearby castle, and Cinderella was the only one who wasn't invited. She was so sad, that she cried. But when her Fairy Godmother saw her tears, she magically appeared to help Cinderella. As Chas continues telling the story, Shirley has finished baking the cookies and puts them in a bowl, which she sets on a TV tray. As Chas finishes the story, where Cinderella marries the prince and lives happily ever after, Kimi takes the book from him and throws it on the floor. The other babies walk away as Chas tells Kimi that she's very strong for a little girl. He then picks her up, and he smells her, and tells her that her diaper is pretty strong, too. He then says he thinks it's time for a change, then takes her away to change her diaper. Chuckie tells Tommy that the stepmother and the stepsisters in the story were very mean to Cinderella, and that he's glad he doesn't have a stepmother. Angelica walks up to him and proves him wrong by telling him that he does have a stepmother, and a stepsister as well, just like Cinderella. She then tells him that maybe she should start calling him "Finsterella". As she walks away, laughing evilly, Chuckie tells Tommy, Phil, and Lil that Angelica told him he has a stepmother and a stepsister. Tommy assures Chuckie that Kira and Kimi are both very nice to him, and not mean like Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters. Lil agrees with Tommy, and Chuckie tells them that they are right.

In the second act, Angelica sneaks into the kitchen and looks around. When she thinks no one is looking, she walks up to the cookies. Unknown to her, Kimi is following her and doing exactly as she does. Angelica takes a cookie, as does Kimi, and they both eat them. When Angelica hears Kimi, and asks her, "Kimi, what are you doing here?" Kimi then quotes her word-for-word. Angelica sticks out her tongue at Kimi, and Kimi sticks her tongue back out at her. Every time Angelica takes a cookie, Kimi takes one as well. Angelica is impressed with how well Kimi has followed her every move, and tells her, "Not bad, Shorty". Kimi then says, "Not bad, Snorty". In the living room, Phil and Lil fight over a book of Hansel and Gretel, until Lil tells Phil to give it to her. Phil does so by letting go of the book, causing Lil to fall over. Lil yells at Phil for messing up her hair, and as she straightens it, she tells him she wanted to look pretty for the party today. Chuckie asks Tommy, Phil and Lil if they're really going to a party, and they all tell him yes. Tommy asks Chuckie if he's going as well. Chuckie tells him he isn't, as nobody told him there was going to be a party today. Lil tells Chuckie that Kimi is going, and as proof, she showed her the new dress she's going to wear to the party. Chuckie is shocked when he hears that Kimi got a new dress, as he didn't get any new clothes. Tommy tells him that Kira must have bought him some new clothes and put them in his closet, and tells him, Phil, and Lil that they're going to check.

In his bedroom, Chuckie looks in his closet, but doesn't find new clothes in it. He tells Tommy that since he doesn't have any new clothes, he must really not be going to the party. Lil tries to cheer Chuckie up by telling him that she doesn't think the party will be too fun anyway. Phil agrees with her, but quickly points out all the fun things the party has to offer, such as the delicious food, the neat toys to play with, and everyone running around together, laughing. Lil overhears and stops Phil before he can go on, but Chuckie still feels very sad. Angelica marches into Chuckie's bedroom and Kimi marches behind her, until she trips over one of her toys. Chuckie tells Kimi that she has too many toys scattered on the floor, and that she should clean up her mess. Angelica tells Chuckie, "Ah, clean it yourself, Finsterella", and Kimi tells him, "Clean it yourself, Finestrella". Chuckie screams upon hearing this, and Angelica tells Kimi that she's almost good enough to be her little sister. Angelica and Kimi march out of Chuckie's bedroom, and Chuckie starts to worry that what Angelica said about Kimi is true.

In her bedroom, Kira rehearses her lines, which involve cleaning up. She is impressed, saying that she does sound like Coco. Back in his bedroom, Chuckie tells Tommy, Phil, and Lil that lately, Kimi has been acting as mean as Angelica. Tommy tells Chuckie that Kimi can't be as mean as Angelica. Lil tells Chuckie that Kimi may be mean like Cinderella's stepsisters, but at least Kira is nice to him. Phil agrees with her, and tells Chuckie that Kira doesn't make him clean like Cinderella's stepmother does. Chuckie overhears Kira rehearsing her lines, and thinks Kira wants him to clean his bedroom. He then tells Tommy, Phil, and Lil that he never heard Kira talk that way to him before. Tommy tells Chuckie not to worry, assures him that nobody will treat him badly, and they will make sure he goes to the party if it's the last thing they do. Just then, Didi and Betty walk into Chuckie's bedroom and take Tommy, Phil and Lil home to get them ready for the party. Chuckie watches as Betty drives away with Didi, Tommy, Phil and Lil. He waves goodbye to them and tells them to have fun at the party then he starts to cry.

Kira is now in Chuckie's bedroom, and as she cleans with one of Chuckie's old and tattered shirts, she rehearses her lines. She then feels like she messed up her line, and leaves to find her script, leaving Chuckie's old shirt on his bed. In the living room, Chuckie walks up to Fifi and tells her to help him look for his party clothes. He thinks they must be under his bed. He walks into his bedroom and looks under his bed, but all he finds is his old toothbrush, which Fifi promptly licks up. Fifi then walks away, and Chuckie feels sad that everyone's going to the party but him. He feels just like Cinderella now, and climbs onto his bed, where he finds his old shirt.

In her bedroom, Kira finds her script on the nightstand and rehearses her lines. Chuckie overhears her, and thinks she's asking him what he's doing in bed. He promptly gets out of his bed, and overhears Kira rehearsing more of her lines, which are about changing clothes. Upon hearing this, Chuckie takes off his shirt and puts on his old one. He then overhears Kira rehearsing more of her lines, and thinks she's telling him to get to work. He tries to work by sweeping the floors with the broom Kira left near his bed. When he stops sweeping, he sees his reflection in a mirror, and with his old shirt, he looks just like Cinderella. Kira walks up to Chuckie's bedroom, rehearsing her lines, and Chuckie hides in his closet, as every line he hears is about cleaning up. After Kira leaves, Chuckie says that Angelica was right about Kira and Kimi being just like Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters, and that he really is Finsterella.

Chuckie falls asleep, and has a dream where he really is Finsterella. In his dream, Angelica and Kimi call him over as he awakens from sleeping on the floor. He runs into Angelica and Kimi's bedroom, where Angelica shuts off the TV while Kimi bounces in her crib. Angelica tells Chuckie that she and Kimi want their breakfast, and he asks her what they'd like. Angelica tells Chuckie she wants cookies, cake, jelly beans, and ice cream with chocolate syrup, cherries, and sprinkles, and Kimi tells Chuckie she wants it as well. Chuckie hopes he can remember all that, and as he tries remember what Angelica and Kimi want, Angelica stops him to tell him that after breakfast, he should scrub the floors, brush Cynthia's hair, and wash her and Kimi's clothes. Kimi then jumps into the laundry basket near crib, tells Chuckie to wash her and Angelica's clothes, and tosses her diaper at Chuckie, which lands on his head. Chuckie sadly tells Angelica and Kimi that he'll do as they say as he pulls Kimi's diaper off his head.

In the kitchen, Chuckie gets to work making Angelica and Kimi's breakfast. He fills an entire bowl with ice cream, cookies and cake, and covers them with chocolate syrup. He then picks up a bag of flour and pours the flour from it into the bowl. After that, he cleans Angelica's dollhouse and starts to clean up Kimi's. Then, he brushes the hair of Angelica's giant Cynthia doll, which ends up falling on top of him. After that, he gets to work washing Angelica and Kimi's clothes by hand. The doorbell rings, and Chuckie answers it. Phil and Lil, who are dressed like Hansel and Gretel, are at the door, telling him they're lost. Chuckie tells them that they're more lost than they think, as they're in the wrong story. Phil and Lil apologize to Chuckie, who promptly tells them that he has to get back to work. The doorbell rings again, and Kimi rides her tricycle up to the door to answer it. Kimi is handed a scroll, and unrolls it. Despite there being nothing but scribbles on the paper, Kimi is able to tell that the scroll says that a party is being held, and all the kids in the land are invited. Chuckie is excited when he hears this, as he needs a break from all the hard work he does, and a party is always lots of fun. Angelica walks up to him, asking him what makes him thinks he's invited to the party. Chuckie tells her that Kimi said that all the kids in the land are invited, and Angelica tells him that all the kids, except him, are invited to the party. She then tells Chuckie that he doesn't have anything nice to wear, and he didn't finish all of his chores. She and Kimi leave to get ready for the party, and Chuckie sadly wishes he could go to the party. Chuckie is so sad, he can't help but cry.

In the third act, Chuckie's dream continues with Chuckie still crying. Chuckie then announces to his fairy "bobmother" that he's crying, but nothing happens. Chuckie announces that he's crying to his fairy "bobmother" again, and suddenly, Tommy appears, dressed in a tuxedo and a party hat. Chuckie tells Tommy that he isn't his fairy "bobmother", and Tommy tells him that he isn't; he's his fairy "bobbrother". He then apologizes for arriving late, saying that he was at a party. Chuckie tells Tommy that he wanted to talk to him about the party, as that is where he wants to go. He asks Tommy if he can help him, and Tommy tells him that he'd love to, but he has to get back to the party, as it's almost time for "Pin the Snail on the Donkey". Chuckie then tells Tommy that he can't leave just yet, as the story said he's supposed to help him. Tommy tells Chuckie that he doesn't need his help, as he stopped Chas from marrying Coco when they were in Paris. Chuckie realizes that's true, and Tommy tells him that if Chuckie can do that, he can do anything. Tommy then waves his magic wand over Chuckie, and Chuckie awakens from his dream. Chuckie decides he's going to the party, and he won't let anyone stop him. He then looks in his closet for some clothes to wear to the party.

At the party, Didi and Betty set Tommy, Phil, and Lil down in the playpen, where Kimi is. Chuckie is still in his bedroom, putting his new clothes on. He looks in the mirror, and thinks he looks good in his new clothes, despite his shirt being on backwards and inside out, his pants being inside out, and wearing two completely different shoes. He then asks Fifi what her opinion is, and tells her that he's going to sneak into the garage and hide in the back seat of the car. That way, when his family leaves to go to the party, he's going with them. Back at the party, Tommy, Phil and Lil all stare angrily at Kimi. When she walks up to them, they all back away from her. Kimi asks them why they're being so unfriendly to her, and Phil tells her that he, Tommy, and Kimi don't like mean stepsisters. Lil adds that they especially don't like ones that tell Chuckie to clean up their messes, and Tommy adds that they also don't like stepsisters who have parties but don't invite their stepbrothers. Kimi asks them what they mean, and Tommy reminds her that she was being as mean as Angelica to Chuckie. Kimi tells them that she didn't mean to upset Chuckie, as she was only playing a game. Tommy, Phil, and Lil are all shocked when they hear this.

Chuckie tries to sneak out of his bedroom, but knocks over a potted plant in the process. Back at the party, Phil looks around, scratches his butt, and burps, and Kimi copies his every move. He is impressed with how well Kimi is able to do exactly as he does, and Tommy realizes that Kimi was merely copying Angelica's behavior for fun. Phil and Lil are relieved as well, and realize that Kimi wasn't being mean to Chuckie on purpose. Kimi then tells Tommy, Phil, and Lil that she's going to look for Chuckie so she can invite him to the party. Tommy then stops her as he pulls his screwdriver out of his diaper, telling her that she may need his, Phil, and Lil's help. He then uses his screwdriver to open the playpen.

Chuckie looks around, but Fifi blows his cover by pulling the leaf he was hiding behind a way. Unknown to him, Tommy, Phil, Lil and Kimi are all searching for him in his bedroom. So far, they haven't found him, and Tommy suggests looking in Chuckie's closet. He opens it, and various clothes and toys fall out of it.

Chuckie sneaks through the kitchen as Kira walks in, making sure she doesn't see him by hiding behind an apron. He then sneaks into the garage, only to find the car isn't there, and figures that Chas, Kira and Kimi left without him. He realizes now he'll never get to the party, and hides under the apron, crying. As Tommy, Phil, Lil and Kimi look for Chuckie in the kitchen, Kimi overhears Chuckie crying. Chuckie wishes that he had a fairy "Bobbrother" who wasn't too occupied with parties. Kimi walks up to him and asks him, "How 'bout a fairy 'bobsister'?". Chuckie is surprised to see Kimi, and asks what she's doing in the garage. Kimi reminds Chuckie that she lives at his house. Chuckie tells her he knew that, but reminds her that she's supposed to be at the party. Kimi tells him she knows that, and he's also supposed to be at the party. Chuckie is surprised when he hears this.

Chas returns, with everything Shirley wanted him to get, which took him twelve different stores to get them all. Chuckie and Kimi walk up to him and Kira, and Kira is happy to see Chuckie, as she hasn't seen him all afternoon, as she was busy cleaning and rehearsing for her play. Chas sees Chuckie dressed in his mismatched, backwards, and inside-out clothes, and asks Chuckie if he dressed himself. Chuckie tells him, "No", and Chas figures that Chuckie must have dressed himself out of anxiety for the party. Kira tells Chas that she didn't tell him about the party, as she thought he did. Chas tells Kira he thought she told Chuckie about the party, and they both tell Chuckie, "Surprise!". Chas then picks up Chuckie as he tells him they're going to change him into his party clothes.

A few minutes later, Chas and Kira arrive at the party, with Chuckie and Kimi now dressed in fancy clothes. Chas then calls everyone over to hear what he has to say. He tells everyone that, a few weeks ago, Kira and he celebrated their marriage. Everyone applauds when they hear this, and Chas continues, telling them that today, he and Kira are going to celebrate being a family. He then tells Chuckie and Kimi that he isn't sure if they can understand it, but he adopted Kimi into his family, and Kira tells Chuckie that she adopted him into her family. Chas says that what he and Kira mean is, they love them both very much, and want everyone to know, that now, they're a conjoined family. Marvin and Shirley tear up upon hearing this, as now they have two grandkids instead of just one. As Chas and Kira leave, Chuckie tells Kimi that he's glad they're a family, and Kimi tells him she feels the same way. She kisses Chuckie, causing his glasses to come loose. Chuckie stops her and tells her to wait, then he takes off his glasses, and tells her he's ready now. Kimi continues kissing him, and knocks him down. Chuckie laughs as she does this, then runs away. Kimi chases him, telling him she loves her new big brother.

Phil and Lil are under the table, eating a cookie and drinking juice, respectively. Lil then sticks her now-purple tongue out at Phil, who runs away from her in fear, with her chasing after him the entire time. The episode ends as Kimi continues to chase Chuckie throughout the backyard.


  • In production order, this is the seventh episode produced for Rugrats' seventh season. But chronologically, this is meant to be the first episode set after the events of Rugrats in Paris, and was the first episode to air in the United States after the film's release, making it the first television appearance of Kimi, Kira & Fifi, and the first episode to have the new intro, for US viewers. Additionally, since this is the first post-Paris episode chronologically, this is also why the treehouse that was built in "Angelicon" (which precedes this episode in production order) is nowhere to be seen here.
  • This is the twelfth half-an-hour episode of the series after "Tommy's First Birthday", "The Santa Experience", "Passover", "Chanukah", "Mother's Day", "Vacation", "The Turkey Who Came to Dinner", "The Family Tree", "No Place Like Home", "Be My Valentine", and "Discover America".
  • This episode also introduces a new topic -- adoption; however, it's done with a little twist -- Chas and his new wife, Kira, formally adopt each other's children (Chas legally adopts Kimi as his daughter and Kira legally adopts Chuckie as her son). First of all, when a TV program deals with adoption, it's usually where a married couple adopt a child that needed both parents.
    • Since Kira adopted Chuckie as her son, legally-speaking, that makes her Chuckie's mother and not just his stepmother.
      • It's the same way in Chas's case with Kimi---by adopting Kimi as his daughter, that legally makes him Kimi's father and not just her stepfather.
  • Note that Chuckie's room is back to where it was before the change in "Chuckie's Bachelor Pad", with the rainbow and the sun painted on the walls.
  • Also note that in the house, everyone is wearing only socks on their feet -- this is due to Japanese custom that everyone takes off their shoes when they enter a house. The only one in the house not seen with socks only was Tommy (who's always barefoot).
  • Also, beginning in this episode, Chuckie starts to talk to the grownups, but can only say one word -- "no".
  • When Kira is reading her script for the play, note that she's turning the pages from left to right; this is how the Japanese read their books, magazines and newspapers -- their publications are designed to be turned from left to right. However, unless you're watching the Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew or Arabic version of this episode, this action is an error, as the play is in English (or French, or Spanish, or Italian, etc.), and the publications usually have pages that turn from right to left.
  • This is the first of two episodes when Kimi gets her diaper changed the second being Daddy's Little Helpers.
  • Ending Tagline: "I'm Crying Fairy Bobmother." - Chuckie


Chas: "Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Cinderella, who lived with her mean stepmother and her two awful stepsisters in a big house. They gave poor Cinderella rags to wear, and made her work from morning to night. She even had to sleep on the floor! Which can result in sciatica if you're not careful."

Chuckie: "Now I know just how Cinderella feels!"

Chuckie: "I'm crying, Fairy Bobmother!"
(Nothing happens.)
Chuckie: "I said I'm crying, Fairy Bobmother!"


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