The Finsters are one of the main families in the Rugrats and All Grown Up! Series'. The last name Finster can refer to the Characters.

Chas Finster : The Father of Chuckie and Kimi and the husband of his late wife Melinda, then later on Kira Finster.

Melinda Finster : The late wife of Chas and late mother of Chuckie Finster.

Chuckie Finster : The only child of Chas and Melinda, but later on the oldest child of Chas and Kira. He is the older brother of Kimi.

Kira Finster: The Mother of Chuckie and Kimi and the wife of her ex-husband Hiro Wantabe, then later on Chas Finster.

Kimi Finster : The younger step-sister, later just sister, of Chuckie Finster. She is the younger child of Chas and Kira but is also the only daughter of Kira and Hiro Watanabe.

Shirley Finster : The mother of Chas Finster and the Grandmother of Chuckie and Kimi, she is also the wife of Marvin  Finster.

Marvin Finster: The father of Chas Finster and the Grandfather of Chuckie and Kimi, he is also the husband of Shirley Finster.

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