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Season 1 Episode 4
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Finder's Kreepers
Original Airdate UK: July 28, 2005

US: December 7, 2008

DVD release Tales from the Crib: Three Jacks and a Beanstalk
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"Finder's Kreepers" is an fourth and final episode of Rugrats Pre-School Daze

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In the series finale, When Savannah shows off that she has a key of her own because her mother thinks she's "sponsible",  Angelica says she has her own key. But when Savannah asks if Angelica would show her the key Angelica then she steals the teacher's key and pretend it is hers, and accidently loses them. Angelica, Susie and Harold must go to the creepy gardener's, Mr. Kreeper, shed and get the extra key to get Miss. Weemer out of the closet before Dr. Yeskel finds out.


That morning the class is out in the forest near the Community Center as they all are out looking for bugs as they are having a "Bugs are our friends discovery". Angelica is the first one to find some bugs as the class congratulates her. However Susie and Harold found some as well as Susie calls the class over so they could see. Miss Weemer, however, corrects Susie speech as Susie had said "Look and what Harold and me founded" as Miss Weemer corrected her by saying "Look at what Harold and I founded" which confused the class as they went running back to Miss Weemer. Harold then calls the class back as they run back over to Harold and Susie leaving Miss Weemer dizzy. As they are running over Julia drops her yellow ball as it rolls by a tree. As Julia picks it up there is a shadow, and when Julia looked at where the shadow was coming from she saw the Community Centers Gardener, Mr. Kreeper, going into his shed.

Matthew then runs over telling Julia that the shed was Mr. Kreepers and when Julia asked who Mr. Kreeper was, Matthew responded that she didn't want to know and grabbed her arm taking her back to the others. As the class came over to see what Harold and Susie had discovered, Harold had a lady bug crawling on his face as Susie showed the family of lady bugs that were crawling on a branch, naming each of them. As Harold was going to name his lady bug, Angelica blew it off his face asking if anyone wanted to go back and see her bugs. The class just turned and walked away as Susie and Harold tell Angelica that what she did wasn't nice and that it can't always be her turn. Savannah agrees with Harold as Angelica tells her that she hasn't found any bugs herself but Savannah responds by saying bugs are yucky and that she likes rocks.

Savannah then uses the opportunity by saying she would put the rock in her pocket if she didn't already have something in it as she showed off her key she had. Susie asks where she got it as Savannah explains that her mother gave to her because she thought Savannah was responsible enough. Angelica, obviously jealous, asks what the big deal was about having a key and saying that she had one as well. Of course when Susie says she doesn't and asks why she never had seen it, Angelica lies and says it was still in the key factory but when Savannah asked if they could see it now Angelica says it is in her cubby.

Harold then states that he only had cheese in his cubby and that they could see the key when they got back to class. Savannah and Susie say they can't wait to see Angelica's key as Angelica frowned. Miss Weemer then left Dr. Yeskel in charge for the rest of the activity as she goes inside to work on the next lesson plan, or so Dr. Yeskel thought. Miss Weemer was actually going to meditate for at least 60 minutes, of course her plans were interrupted when it started to rain. In the classroom Miss Weemer dried the children off as Jake shook himself dry saying he wanted to know what it felt like being a dog as Miss Weemer tells him if he could join the circle with his human friends as Julia pours water out of her shoes.

Miss Weemer then gets the class attention as she says they are spending the rest of the day inside because of the rain and that it was circle time. Savannah, who was sitting next to Angelica, asked Angelica if she got the key from her cubby like she said she would. Before Angelica could respond Miss Weemer says that in honor of Insect Day they were going to play "Do the bug boogie" as she pulled out a key.  Miss Weemer then walks over to the closet with the key as she explains the game while getting some bongos out of the closet and bringing them back to her desk. Miss Weemer then put the key back in a drawer as she closed it while Angelica watches her.

Lucas then gets up and starts dancing as Miss Weemer asked if he wanted to wait and dance to the drum beat. Lucas responds by saying that he "Bugga boogie's" to his own drum beat. The class soon all started dancing around the classroom while Miss Weemer played the bongos. Angelica took the opportunity to go to Miss Weemers desk and try and get the key. Susie however came over and asked what Angelica was doing as Angelica responded with that she was using her attena. As soon as Susie walks away Angelica then opens the drawer and grabs the key and puts it into her pocket. As she came around the side of the desk Miss Weemer asked her is she was a party pooper bug and that the circle was over in front of her.

Angelica tells Miss Weemer that she was just being an explorer bug as she starts hoping up and down. However as she was hoping the key fell out of her pocket and got stuck in some gum on the bottom of Jake's shoe. Miss Weemer then gets a headache saying the drum beat was still pounding in her head as she yells to get the class quiet. Miss Weemer then tells the class that after bugs jump they like to sleep as she tells them to get ready for nap time. 

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