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Final Eclipse Gallery Transcript
Season 1 Episode 10b
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Final Eclipse
Original Airdate October 7th, 2021 (streaming release)
Previous Episode The Big Diff
Next Episode Great Minds Think Alike

"Final Eclipse" is the second segment of the tenth episode in the first season of the 2021 series of Rugrats. It premiered on Paramount+ on October 7th, 2021. [1]

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Susie, Tommy, and Chuckie must defeat an "outer space villain" while at a sci-fi movie convention with their dads. - Description from Paramount+


Tommy, Chuckie and Susie are outside a convention floor with their parents, Stu, Chas and Randy. Stu declares that they've officially made it to the 20th Annual Final Eclipse Convention, an entire con celebrating their favorite sci-fi movie. They discuss old times and Randy, dressed as Captain Burton, declares that he will make sure they accomplish their main objective, to have their kids be the first to see the teaser for Final Eclipse: The Next Galaxy. Susie is excited about going to the next galaxy, saying that's just like her hero, Jade O'Neil. She holds up a Final Eclipse postcard, explaining that she's the best space pilot ever.

They enter, having their badges scanned by annoying costumed minions called "borfballs." The babies are seated in a model spaceship, where General O'Neil comes on the screen. She calls them new recruits and says she's glad they made it to the convention. She tells them to be wary, that evil Lord Crater could be there, and to use the Alpha if they see him. Tommy asks Susie about this and Susie explains that the Alpha is a power inside everyone, that you put your hands on the sides of your head and bad guys crumble before your eyes. The spaceship shakes and O'Neil's image is cut off, replaced by that of Lord Crater and his minions. He declares that they won't leave Earth, ordering his minions to blast them out of the sky. O'Neil comes back on, saying that Crater forgot that there are cowgirls on the mission, and promising to hold Crater off. She reminds them that "The sun never sets in space" and they are rocketed into the convention floor.

Chuckie covers his eyes, worried about seeing Lord Crater, but Tommy and Susie tell him he has to look around. It's a busy convention floor. Randy as Captain Burton says that it feels good to be home. Stu points out the theater for the new trailer, saying they need to go and get the best seats. They are stopped by a costumed henchman asking for their tickets, but it turns out that Stu is missing them. He asks Randy if he has them, but Randy goes up to the henchman and shouts at him, telling him to let them in or he'll flip his off switch. The man tells him it's the best Captain Burton performance he's seen, but he still can't let him in. Chas walks up, telling the man "You will let us in" and holding his hands to his head. The henchman asks if he really just tried to "Alpha" him. Stu tries outright begging, saying that Final Eclipse was important to them and they really want to share it with their kids. The henchman, however, stands pat, so Randy rushes inside, shouting to come and get him.

The group is sequestered inside a side closet. Stu asks how long they're going to make them stay there and the two costumed guards with them, Barry and Eve, say they have to talk with their manager. Eve offers water, but Randy shakes his head. Susie tells the babies that they need to find Lord Crater and use the Alpha. Just then, a costumed Lord Crater comes in. He thanks Barry and Eve for the sandwich, then slips back into character, saying he'll see them at the screening. Tommy declares it their chance to follow them. Chuckie is dubious, but follows nevertheless. Susie says that they first have to disguise themselves. They hear a man hawking costumes and they crawl into his stall and wander out as borfballs. The other cosplayers wonder just who would cosplay as a borfball, but it has the intended effect of clearing the crowd. Susie shouts "Let's get him!" and the babies pursue across a bridge. Chuckie very nearly falls off the bridge by tripping on his untied shoelace. They have now attracted quite a crowd, who are cheering them on. Tommy and Susie succeed in pulling Chuckie up and the crowd bursts into applause.

They see Lord Crater entering a room. He tells a couple of henchmen to step aside, slipping out of character again and commenting that he loves being an evil lord and is crushing it. Susie declares that they can't give up. Chuckie tells her they're just ordinary babies, but Tommy declares that even so, they're not giving up, that their daddies need them. Susie leads them to a model spaceship and they rocket across the convention floor. Barry and Eve chase after them, but Susie pulls some evasive maneuvers, knocking over the costume stand. They enter the back area and smash their way as Lord Crater is introducing himself to the crowd that's there for the trailer.

Crater asks what he's supposed to do. One of the minions comes into the room where the daddies are being hold, saying that some babies drove a go-kart backstage. Stu, Chas and Randy realize the babies are missing. Meanwhile, on the stage, the babies emerge from the go-kart. They place their hands on their heads and Lord Crater stares at Daxton, who tells him to go with it. Chuckie says the Alpha isn't working, but Susie tells him to do it for their daddies, for the universe. Lord Crater shouts "Not the Alpha!" and screams in terror, collapsing to the ground. Stu, Chas and Randy enter. They see the crowd cheer and Stu says his mind is blown, that their kids saved the universe and it's all on film. Randy calls Susie his little General O'Neil.


  • This is the sixth episode of the reboot in which Angelica doesn't appear and the second episode of the reboot in which Phil and Lil don't appear.