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Season 7 Episode 5c
Falling Stars Title Card.jpg
Falling Stars
Original Airdate April 20, 2001
VHS release Christmas
DVD release Season 7
Complete Series
Previous Episode The World According to Dil and Spike
Next Episode Dayscare

"Falling Stars" is an episode from the seventh season of Rugrats.

Characters Present


The Rugrats wish upon stars for Spike to return when he gets loose, but when the stars begin to fall, will the Rugrats get their wishes? It's up to Tommy and the babies to stop the stars from going anywhere by having an outer space adventure.


  • The Rugrats space ship is a giant Didi head, being that Didi is Tommy's mother, and this is a mothership, which is a clear nod to Star Trek.
  • This is the second time Spike ran away after "Spike Runs Away".
  • This is a Star Wars parody: Angelica appears as an evil "Darth Vader" lookalike, Grandpa Lou comes to Tommy in a vision like a ghostly Yoba/Obi mentor, and Chuckie flies the space ship through passageways that look like the Death Star in the climactic scene of the first Star Wars movie.
  • After July 30, 2001, this episode was inexplicably removed from US broadcasts, with "Wash/Dry Story" appearing in its place instead. The reasons for its removal from the reruns are unknown, but the episode was later included on the Rugrats: Christmas VHS in 2002. It was eventually reinstated in the US broadcasts around 2005, except it has since been broadcast alongside "Wash/Dry Story's partner episodes, "Bad Shoes" and "The World According to Dil and Spike," while "Wash/Dry Story" is still aired with "Dayscare" and "The Great Unknown." This is also how the episode is presented on the Rugrats: Season 7 DVD set. Confusingly, however, DirecTV's listings still describe this episode being partnered with "Dayscare" and "The Great Unknown".
  • This is the second and final episode where the audio of Angelica's cry in "Ransom of Cynthia" is re-used in one of the scenes; the first being "The Word of The Day."
  • Karma: Angelica fell down the slide and hurt herself.


Phil: Now I know why they call it 'Diaper-Space!'


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