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Emmet is one of Tommy's cousins seen in "Family Reunion." Emmet is an obese 7 year old who eats all of the time.


He is the older cousin of the Pickles cousins. He's heavy-set, speaks slowly and if not rarely with a country accent. His most common quote is "I'm hungry", thus hinting he's got a big appetite. Emmet's got two buck teeth and is very protective of his younger cousins. He likes to wrestle, when he finds out Angelica is his cousin, he tries to wrestle with her for fun or just to protect his other cousins from her. He might be very strong, given how his parents believe in working. He's the son of Mack and Edie Pickles, who both can pick him up with ease, he seems very well calm to his parents' eccentric personalities. It is possible that he and his parents may be from Texas, given by Edie's mannerisms and such.


Emmet has two buck teeth and wears a white shirt with grayish green pants. He also doesn't have any hair on his head.


AHM HUUUUNGRYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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