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Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Pop Singer
Contest Judge
Interests Singing
Pop Music
Relatives Unknown
Friends Tommy Pickles
Angelica Pickles
Enemies None
Voice Actor Olivia Hack
First Appearance "All Growed Up" ("Rugrats") (2001)
Last Appearance "Super Hero Worship" (2008) (mentioned only)

Emica is a character who appears in the Rugrats 10th anniversary special, "All Growed Up".


Emica is a teenage (probably 13 years of age) pop singer who kids adore for her musical talents and live performances. She is never shown in the spin-off series, but does make an appearance throughout posters and is mentioned a couple of times.


Emica is a pop rock singer, whom the kids idolize 9 years into the future during "All Growed Up". She's a seemingly friendly singer who adores her fans. Tommy noted that she always likes to pick one of her fans to come up and sing with her. She and Stu have the same disco styled Scorpio medallion. Emica is most likely a spoof to Gwen Stefani. She is known by everyone, even Grandpa Lou is a big fan of hers, and even attends her concert.