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Edwin Winston Cranstall Louis Xavier Quincy Carmichael, III
Also Known As Edwin Carmichael
Gender Male
Birth Date October 2, 1985 (Rugrats 1991)
October 2, 2015 (Rugrats 2021)
Age 6 (Rugrats)
16 (All Grown Up!)
Race Human
Occupation School student
Interests Learning new things
Relatives Randy Carmichael (father)
Lucy Carmichael (mother)
Alyssa Carmichael (sister)
Buster Carmichael (brother)
Susie Carmichael (sister)
Chowder (pet cat)
Great Aunt T (great aunt)
Charles (great uncle)
Ty (brother-in-law)
Gabrielle (niece)
Enemies Angelica Pickles
Voice Actor Pat Musick (Tooth or Dare)
Cree Summer (Dil We Meet Again-A Rugrats Kwanzaa)
Ogie Banks (All Grown Up)
First Appearance "Meet the Carmichaels" (Rugrats) (Season 2) (1993)
Last Appearance "In the Family's Way" (All Grown Up!) (Season 4) (2007)

Edwin Winston Cranstall Louis Xavier Quincy Carmichael, III is the Carmichael's brain trust, and Susie's six-year-old brother. His room is designed from the idea of a wealthy man's library, as he is an avid reader. He's the most quiet one compared to his siblings. Edwin also frequently wears Einstein pajamas. He is extremely intelligent, known for playing computer games and once built a laser with his friends at his birthday party. He's given more of a speaking role in the episode "Tooth or Dare" when he explains to Angelica and Tommy about the mystical tooth fairy. Although Angelica doesn't believe he really got anything or even lost a tooth, she becomes convinced when he shows his missing tooth. Edwin can understand the babies.


  • He is the character with the longest name of the series, since he has six names.
  • While his parents and Susie have all made appearances on series, it's currently unknown if Edwin (along with Alyssa and Buster) will appear in the 2021-reboot of it -- so far in the reboot, Susie appears to be an only child, as there haven't been any mentions of her parents having any kids outside of her.