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Season 4 Episode 9b
Rugrats - Educating Angelica
Educating Angelica
Original Airdate September 27, 1997
DVD release Season 4
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"Educating Angelica" is a Season 4 episode of Rugrats.

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Angelica starts preschool at The Woodbury School and learns about sharing from her teacher, Miss Appleby. But after seeing some of the kids abusing their toys, Angelica decides to share Tommy with the class instead of her most-prized possesion, Cynthia. Tommy, though, turns out to be a big hit. Meanwhile, Charlotte is not setting a good example of sharing herself when she and Appleby fight over the corporation's gorilla mascot.. - Description from Klasky Csupo


While Angelica's playing in her room, Charlotte comes in and tells Angelica that today's a very special day--her first day of school! Drew and Charlotte have enrolled Angelica at a fancy private pre-school called the Woodbury School. At first, Angelica's not happy about having to go to school, but is excited to see all the toys they've provided for the kids—although she's not excited to see her new classmates. When Charlotte leaves, Angelica's new teacher, Miss Appleby, tells Angelica to go play with the other kids. Angelica's a little hesitant, but Miss Appleby encourages her to show the other kids the games that she likes to play. Angelica thinks about showing them Cynthia but quickly decides not to, thinking they wouldn't appreciate her. So she decides if they can't appreciate her toys, she'll just play with their toys. Angelica starts taking the other kids toys and keeping them for herself. 

Later, Drew picks up Angelica from school, and after she runs inside and drops off her things, Drew sees a note fall out of Angelica's backpack and picks it up. It turns out that Didi and Tommy are at the house with Charlotte, who's talking on the phone to Jonathan (something about purchasing a gorilla as a mascot for a soccer game). After Didi asks Angelica how her first day of school was, Angelica lies to her and Charlotte by claiming it went well, but then she sees Tommy playing with one of her Cynthia-toys and goes to take it from him. After Angelica leaves, Drew shows his wife and sister-in-law the note from Angelica's teacher—Miss Appleby explains in the note that Angelica had a hard time getting along with the other kids and that she's got "issues in the sharing department." The note also says that the next day at school is "Share Day" and that it would be nice if Angelica brought her favorite plaything with her to share with the other kids. Angelica's still fighting with Tommy over the toy when Charlotte calls and talks with her about what happened in school today. Charlotte tells Angelica to take Cynthia to school tomorrow for share day, Angelica agrees, but says Cynthia's not her favorite toy anymore. When Charlotte asks what is, Angelica says it's not really a "what"—it's more of a "who."

The next day, Angelica brings Tommy to school for share day. Miss Appleby doesn't think baby cousins qualify for share day, but Angelica says he's her favorite toy and she would love to share him with the class. But the kids would rather play with Cynthia than a baby. Just than, Jonathan calls Charlotte to tell her the zoo won't let them have the gorilla, Miss Appleby hears the conversation and gets excited (she lived with them in Africa for three years). The kids ask Miss Appleby to make Angelica share her doll, but she waves them off saying free activity and approaches Charlotte, asking to talk but Charlotte says no.

Meanwhile, Tommy doesn't think the children want to play with him, but Angelica tells them they do and have brought a bunch of toys for him to play with. Tommy goes over and plays with the toys. Miss Appleby argues she's a big monkey expert while Charlotte says she's a big important executive and runs away with Miss Appleby running after her. The kids see Tommy playing with their toys and go over to ask why he's playing with their toys. Meanwhile, Angelica is in a separate corner with Cynthia and most of the toys. She’s happy to be alone at first, but then notices the other kids having fun with Tommy and gets jealous.

She takes Cynthia and walks over to the kids (as Charlotte and Miss Appleby continue to wrestle for the phone on the desk) and tells the kids they can't play a good game without Cynthia. Angelica shows them her favorite game and finally shares Cynthia with the other kids. The children play together while Charlotte and Miss Appleby continue fighting over the cell phone. 


  • This is the first episode where we see Angelica go to preschool. The next time we see Angelica go to preschool is in the Season 8 episode "Pre School Daze".
  • Angelica was likely taken out of the preschool after her mother's "disagreement" with her teacher.
  • One of the preschoolers, Ricky, is voiced by Courtland Mead, a child actor best known for providing the voice of Gus Griswald in Disney's Recess around the same time this episode first aired.

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