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Edie Pickles

Edie, along with Mackie, are the parents of Emmet Pickles and are cousins to Stu, Drew and the rest of the Pickles family. Mackie looks identical to Stu in his face except he has a bit of a solider or a buzz cut. And Edie looks similar to Didi except she has huge oval shaped glasses, big teeth, and a beehive hair style. Tommy is the first to meet them and begins to think that they intend on being his new parents as Edie and Mack compliment on how big he's gotten. In addition when Edie asks, sweetly if Tommy wants to come home with her, making Tommy instantly think of how Angelica said he was going to be taken away. They come for the annual family reunion and join the other adults on a tour of the farm. However, when a family dog jumps on Drew getting his clothes all muddy, he's forced to go and change. Edie and Mackie volunteer to watch her. Both seem to be hard-working country people. Angelica thinks that they are her new parents, when Edie starts playing with her hair. And when she hears Angelica complain that she's tired with walking, Edie laughs saying she (as a "city" child) doesn't know the meaning of tired and says she would put her to work in the sun with her.

After hearing this, she plans to run away to get away from them. After the kids accidentally get the barn yard animals out, the parents all go looking for the kids. Angelica fearfully sees Edie and Mackie come running and covers her eyes thinking they came for her. But soon realize that they're rushing to their son Emmet, whom both pick up with ease.

Edie seems to have stereotypical views of "city" and "country" people.

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