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Early Retirement Gallery Transcript

Cynthia: "The Diamond Thief left this very important note! It says..."

Farm Animals Tape: "Moo!"

Angelica: "What? The thief's a cow?"

(The babies play golf.)

Tommy: "Hole in five!"

Kimi: "Two!"

Lil: "A bazillion!"

Chuckie: "Eleventy!"

Phil: "Purple!"

Lil: "You're opposed to say a number, Phillip!"

Phil: "You guys said em' all already!"

Randy Panda (repeated line): I'm Randy Panda!

Cynthia: "And the Thief is..."

(The channel suddenly changes.)

Wayne Skyler: "Wayne Skyler with 'The Weather'!"

(Angelica gasps and sees Tommy's foot on the remote.)

Tommy: "He he, oops?"

(Angelica screams loudly throughout the galaxy.)

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