Name: Earl (last name unknown)
Age: Unknown
Voiced By: Phil Proctor


Earl is the sinister manager of the miniature-golf course, which Drew and Stu once competed on. Since Stu and Drew use to go to the golf course when they were younger, its possible Earl either inherited the course from his family or bought it. He secretly rigged the final hole to avoid anyone getting a 'Hole-In-One', which gives the customers a free game, he did to make more money.

However the babies inadvertantly unplugged the hole while searching for ice cream mountain. Drew and Stu both end up getting holes in one and all the other customers seeing this do the same and also get holes in one which ends up costing him greatly. Realizing that they hadn't been spending any time with the kids and since they won free games Drew suggests that they let the kids play, desperate to not lose anymore money Earl cries on his knees and begs both Stu and Drew to not play anymore screaming that he would give them anything. He most likely gave or bought the babies ice cream.

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