Earl Skaggs
Also Known AsMr. Skaggs
Birth DateUnknown
OccupationOwner of Funland Miniature Golf Course
InterestsScamming Customers
Voice ActorPhil Proctor
First AppearanceIce Cream Mountain
Last AppearanceRugrats: Search for Reptar (voice only)
Earl Skaggs is a one-time character and villain who appeared in the episode Ice Cream Mountain.

He was the sinister manager of the Funland miniature-golf course who tried cheating his customers from winning a free game, but it all fell apart when the Rugrats inadvertently intervened.


When Stu and Drew came to play on his course, he gave them the latest high-tech putter for them to use. As they went off to play, he called after them that if they got a 'Hole-In-One' on the final hole Ice Cream Mountain, they would win a free game. However, he had secretly rigged the final hole to avoid anyone getting a free game. This was done for him to make more money for his business as the customers would keep coming back to try again.

He is then called for by the customers who are growing tired of Stu and Drew's endless competing as it is slowing things down and ruining things for the others. He tells them to hit their balls at the same time which they do. Earl immediately takes their putters away, claiming that they've already lost. However, the Rugrats inadvertently unblock the hole so Stu and Drew both end up getting holes in one, winning a free game much to Earl's horror.

Seeing this, the other customers do the same and also get holes in one. Earl clutches his head, exclaiming he's ruined as these free games will now cost him greatly. Realizing that they hadn't been spending any time with the kids and since they won free games, Drew suggests that they let the kids play. Desperate to not lose any more money, Earl goes on his knees, sobs, and kisses Drew's hand, begging both Stu and Drew to not play anymore, screaming that he would give them anything. Stu asks if there is something he can give that the kids would like. He most likely gave or bought the Rugrats some ice cream.

Earl is heard, but not seen, in the Rugrats: Search for Reptar level Ice Cream Mountain. Here, he makes remarks such as having to change his free ice cream policy.


Earl was selfish and scheming and didn't want to give anything away for free as it would cost him which is why he rigged the final hole to prevent this.

When the Rugrats inadvertently unplugged the hole and he saw someone win a free game for the first time, he had a nervous breakdown as more customers got the same.

He is also very emotional as seen when he begs Stu and Drew not to play anymore and would give them something in return.

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