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Driving Miss Angelica Gallery Transcript
Season 2 Episode 25a
Driving Miss Angelica Title Card.jpg
Driving Miss Angelica
Original Airdate May 2, 1993
DVD release Season 2
Complete Series
Previous Episode Toys in the Attic
Next Episode Susie vs. Angelica

"Driving Miss Angelica" is a Season 2 episode of Rugrats.

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After almost being hit by a gang of big-wheelers, Chuckie becomes Angelica's servant when she saves his life.

- Description from Klasky Csupo


Drew is babysitting Tommy, and Chuckie for a few days. When Chuckie spots a piece of candy out on the sidewalk, he crawls over to it. However, he is almost hit by four big wheel-riders, until Angelica pulls him out of the way. It turns out she just didn't want the candy to get smushed, and eats it, until she realizes it was Coconut-flavored, and she hates Coconut. Chuckie says that she saved his life, and says that he will do anything in return, so Angelica makes him become his personal "slave" forever.

She makes him bring her some toys, and crayons, until Drew comes in and sees the mess in the room. Although she blames it on the babies, Drew forces her to clean it up. Angelica says, nicely, that she will clean her room, but instead, she orders Chuckie to clean it for her.

Angelica forces Chuckie to open the door for Tommy, during a "ride to the park", and then the toy car gets stuck. After Drew receives a box of Russell Stover Chocolates in the mail, and Angelica forces Chuckie to go and find them, without even telling him where they are. When Chuckie finds them, he gets attacked by Fluffy, Angelica's cat, although Angelica says she is a "good kitty".

Angelica pushes Chuckie off of the stairs, and only offers Tommy and herself some good Chocolates, while she only gives Chuckie one Coconut Chocolate. Drew sees her eating them, saying they are for "after dinner". Angelica whines that she wants them now, only for Drew to say "Well, you can't always get what you want!". Angelica gets furious and saying "he better be kidding".

Angelica then forces Chuckie to go upstairs and get the Chocolates, from somewhere Chuckie is scared of: The upstairs closet. Although Chuckie does not want to go, Angelica says "Well, that's too bad, 'cause you're my servant, and you have to go!". Tommy then says she can't tell Chuckie what to do anymore, and even Chuckie yells at her that he is not going up to that closet. Angelica, hiding her anger, says that she is "disappointed", and blackmails Chuckie into going upstairs, saying that she saved his life, and only asked for a "few little favors": "A Chocolate, here or there", and "a little trip to the closet, or two".

Chuckie then says maybe he should go, but Tommy decides to stay downstairs, and Angelica says he doesn't get any Chocolates then. Angelica ties a blanket to Chuckie, so he can't fall down onto the floor. When he grabs the Chocolates, Drew closes the closet door and Angelica thinks she and Chuckie are locked-in. She yells: "DADDY!", but he is listening to Reptar on Ice music at the moment. Angelica blames it all on Chuckie, although Chuckie says that she forced him to go in the closet, but Angelica reverses it and says that Chuckie always does everything she tells him to do, even if she asks him to jump off a bridge.

Chuckie thinks that they are not locked in, although Angelica forces him to "hold in his breath", and save all the air for her. Chuckie then opens the door while Angelica panics, saying that Angelica turned the doorknob the wrong way.

Angelica says that Chuckie saved her life, and Chuckie forces her to become his servant, while offering Tommy some Chocolates in a car ride from Angelica.


  • This is the first episode where Angelica says "Uh-Oh".
  • This episode's title is a play on the title of the movie Driving Miss Daisy.
  • The name "Taco King" on Angelica's crown is likely a reference to the Taco Bell and Burger King fast-food chains.
  • Drew doesn't know about Angelica forcing Chuckie around after saving her life to clean up the mess and do all her choresTechnically, Drew should have known how harshly Angelica was treating Chuckie, because it is very obvious.
  • The music Drew is listening to (while Angelica and Chuckie are trapped in the closet) is from the episode "Reptar on Ice" ("Reptar, Reptar, gotta find that Reptar...")
  • This episode can be seen as a sister episode to "Cuffed" as it features Angelica and Chuckie being in a situation where they're locked up in some form due to Angelica's greed, in this case, they both get locked in a closet due to chocolates.
  • Drew is the only parent to appear in this episode.
  • Moral: Don’t take advantage of your friends or younger siblings by turning them into personal slaves; treat them like regular human beings.
  • This is the first episode where Drew babysits Tommy at his house instead of Stu babysits Angelica at his house

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