Drew Pickles

Drew Pickles (All Grown Up)

Andrew Louis Pickles
Also Known AsDrew Pickles
Birth Datec. 1957-1958
Age33-34 (Rugrats)
43-44 (All Grown Up!)
58-59 (Age in 2016)
InterestsPlaying with his daughter
Visiting relatives
RelativesStu (brother)
Lou (father)
Lulu (stepmother)
Trixie (mother; deceased)
Charlotte (wife)
Angelica (daughter)
Didi (sister-in-law)
Tommy (nephew)
Dil (nephew)
Stu (brother; sometimes)
Charlotte (wife)
EnemiesStu (brother; most of the time)
Voice ActorMichael Bell
First AppearanceTommy's First Birthday (Rugrats, 1991)
Last AppearanceGolden Boy (All Grown Up!, 2008)

Andrew Louis "Drew" Pickles is the father of Angelica Pickles. Married to Charlotte Pickles, he works as an accountant, but unlike his workaholic wife, he still manages to get in time with his daughter, to whom he usually refers as "princess", "angel", "cupcake", "muffin", "pumpkin (pie)", etc. Though he is sometimes driven up the wall by Angelica's greedy, bratty behavior, he still loves her just the same, and sometimes is hesitant to punish her if she does something wrong. When he does punish her, however, he usually is screaming at her but doesn't hit or spank her. He is also the oldest son to Lou and Trixie Pickles, and often shares a sibling rivalry with his younger brother Stu. The brothers can often be seen fighting with each other, most notably in The Rugrats Movie, when Drew was bickering on how unrealistic Stu's toy-building career is. Almost any time a celebration or get-together is going on involving Stu Pickles and his family, Drew Pickles is usually involved, often bringing over Angelica with him. His year of birth is probably somewhere between 1957 and 1958. He is voiced by Michael Bell as an adult. As a baby in the Rugrats episode "Sour Pickles " he is voiced by Pamela Adlon.


Drew has been a semi-regular on the Rugrats TV series since the first episode, Tommy's First Birthday. However, on All Grown Up!, Drew does not appear as often, and usually appears as a background character, redesigned a bit with slicked-back hair, a mustache and a bit of stubble on his chin.


Drew has peach skin and a pair of white eyes with black pupils, along with a large nose identical to his brother Stu's and his dad Lou's. He wears green glasses and has light brown hair. The character is normally shown wearing a light blue undershirt and a green vest.


Drew Pickles has appeared in many episodes of Rugrats. His first appearance was in Tommy's First Birthday. He also appears in All Grown Up!, where his last appearance was Golden Boy.


You can find Drew Pickles gallery here.


  • Drew's phone number is 555-7761
  • Drew drives a maroon BMW 7-series E32 sedan, which can be seen in The Rugrats Movie and a few TV episodes. In Stu Gets a Job, it is revealed that Drew has a vanity license plate with his name on it, though it is unknown if this BMW is the same vehicle with the license plate.


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