Dr. Lepetomaine
Dr lepet
Name Dr. Lepetomaine
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Psychologist
Interests Discussing problems, sleeping
Relatives (none known)
Friends Stu, Didi
Enemies (none known)
Only Appearance Momma Trauma
Dr. Lepetomaine (Born November 2, 1944) is Tommy's one-time psychologist, who helped Tommy's father, Stu, more than he did Tommy. He is clearly not a competent physician, as he frequently mutters, "I see!", rather than listening to his patients' problems. He sleeps and listens to Stu's problems rather than actually helping Tommy and doing his job.


Dr. Lepetomaine is Tommy Pickles's previous psychologist. He has only made one appearance in Rugrats and is considered a minor character in the series, though he played as a main protagonist in his only appearance. Lepetomaine's first name is unknown.


Lepetomaine has pale skin and a pair of white eyes with black pupils under his glasses with slightly blue lenses. He wears a yellow-orange outfit and has gray hair.


Dr. Lepetomaine has only appeared in one episode of the Rugrats TV series, Momma Trauma. He played as a main protagonist in this episode, though is considered a minor character in the show.


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