Dr. Homer about to check on Tommy's first tooth.


Name: Dr. Homer (first name unknown)
Age: Unknown but possibly in his 30's or 40's
Voiced By: Danny Mann


Dr. Homer is Tommy Pickles's pediatric dentist. After learning that Tommy still drinks out of a bottle, he suggests that Tommy must be weaned to a cup. He seems to believe that weaning is the key to perfect teeth and the cause for imperfect teeth. When he sees Stu Pickles, he says he has a crossbite and believes its because he was weaned too late as a child. It is also hinted that Dr. Homer may not be such a reliable medical source, as he has a rather creepy vibe and does not even wear gloves when doing his job. Didi, as usual, takes his advice too much to heart and gets Stu to agree into trying to take Tommy off the bottle. However, when she tells Betty about what Dr. Homer said, Betty insists that she take a good look at his dental school diploma, suggesting he's incompetent.

To get Tommy to open his mouth, he tries drastic measures such as a Tina Trousers doll ("Dolly says, 'Open'"), a toy truck ("Open the gate for the truck to come through"), a stuffed bunny, a sugar-free lollipop sucker, and wearing a latex Reptar mask (the latter getting Tommy to open his mouth by gasping.)

Stu is also skeptical about seeing Dr. Homer early in the episode, partially due to his crossbite and his fear of dentists (despite Didi recommending they refer to him as a "tooth fairy" to not make Tommy nervous).

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