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Dottie Pickles
Dotti Pickles
Also Known AsDotti Pickles
Birth Dateunknown
FriendsDidi, Stu, Drew
Voice ActorKath Soucie
First AppearanceFamily Reunion


Dottie, along with her husband Hugh, hosted the Pickles family reunion in Willoughby, Iowa. Dottie had similar hair to Didi but hers is much shorter a little bit over her shoulders and is possibly auburn or at least a mix shade of brown and red. Her hair is curly like Didi's but is more of a country homemaker type. She wears normal clothes and an apron. Its assumed she helps her husband out on the farm with work. She also speaks with a Minnesotan accent, hinting that she's not from Iowa. She is friendly like her husband, she adores children and is very friendly to Angelica and Tommy. Unlike Didi, she doesn't appear to rely on specialists like Dr. Lipschitz. Their son is Timmy-Ray Pickles.


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