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Donna Taylor has lived and traveled many places, and has benefited from the diverse cultures and adventures. She likes to take fiction and add a little truth to it.

Donna has two lionhearted sons. She and her husband travel extensively, and she still over packs. The whole family has an affinity for the beach, including their puppy, Mr. Bojangles.

Donna Taylor lives in the South with her husband and a demanding Golden Retriever, who keeps her company as she writes (the Goldie, not the husband). She loves nothing better than to spend summer days lazing around on the family pontoon boat; supplied with plenty of food, drink, and a good book.

It was her passion for books and years of reading that finally pushed her into writing. Okay, there may have been a couple of author friends that encouraged her to write her own books. Anyone who reads her stories and finds themselves entertained will make her feel as if she has accomplished her goal.

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