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Season 6 Episode 26b
Doctor Susie
Original Airdate November 20, 1999
VHS release Decade in Diapers Vol. 2
DVD release Decade in Diapers
Season 6
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Doctor Susie is a Season 6 episode of Rugrats.

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The episode begins with a cow seemingly swirling around in a field because of a tornado, but it's actually just Lucy Carmichael vacuuming her living room carpet, and the cow is actually Susie's toy cow, Mrs. Moo Moo. The toy gets broken, but Lucy assures Susie that she can fix it. Susie's impressed by how her mom was able to fix Mrs. Moo Moo, and Susie asks her mom if she can teach her how to be a doctor, and Lucy says yes, telling her that they first have to start with the Hippocratic Oath.

The episode then shifts to the home of Stu, Didi, Tommy and Dil Pickles, where Tommy and his three best friends, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil are playing with some of their toys, a lot of which were broken by Dil. Chuckie eventually tells his friends that he's sick of Dil always breaking their toys, and Tommy's parents then come in and see all the broken toys (with Stu saying, "It's like a horror movie in here. Only with toys"). Didi then goes to answer the door, knowing that it's Lucy and Susie. Susie comes into the living room and sees all the broken toys, and manages to fix all of them.

Susie tells the babies that she's a toy doctor ("toyologist" as she calls it), and tells the others how her mom made her take the Hippocratic Oath (Susie mispronounces it as "Hippopotamus Oath"). Angelica comes in and Tommy, Chuckie, and the twins tell her how Susie's a toy doctor now and how she fixed all of their toys, and how she even fixed Spike's dog toys. Angelica's obviously jealous of how the babies are so impressed by how Susie fixed all the toys.

As Angelica walks through the kitchen, she overhears her Uncle Stu arguing with his plumber about what a terrible job he did fixing the sink (the plumber just taped the pipes), and Stu asks if he ever went to plumber school and threatens to end his career as a plumber. This gives Angelica an idea. She goes to tell the babies that there's something outside that they should see, and after they go outside, Angelica breaks all the toys. When the babies come back inside, they see that all of the toys are broken. They tell Susie about it, but Angelica comes in and says that Susie didn't fix them right the first time. At first, Tommy assumes that Dil must've broken them, but Angelica points that he's just waking up from his nap, so he couldn't have done it. But then Chuckie points out that Angelica was inside the house when they were outside, so she could've broken them. Angelica pretends to be offended that they would accuse her, and asks if it's her fault that Susie's not a real doctor. Susie claims that she is a real doctor, but then Angelica asks if Susie ever went to a doctor school, claiming that you can't be a doctor without going to a doctor school. Susie admits that she didn't, and Angelica takes her doctor kit, claiming "You'll never doctor in this town again." During this time, Dil's crawling over to Angelica's Cynthia doll, which Angelica left by the armchair in the living room.

Susie apologizes to the babies, but Tommy says it's okay and that they can still play with their toys, even if they are broken. Just then, Lucy comes in and sees how they're doing, and Susie asks her mom if she can fix one of the toys, and Lucy says she will. But then she goes to see Stu's doing with the sink (which is now squirting bursts of water), Lucy says that she'll get something from her house to help him fix it. Lucy says that Susie can fix the toys, but then Angelica comes in and asks them if they've seen Cynthia. That's when Angelica notices that Dil broke her doll, and she screams after seeing it, making Dil pier cry. Didi comes in to see what's wrong, Angelica tells her about what Dil did, but Didi feels that Dil didn't do it on purpose, since he's just a baby. Angelica tells Susie that she has to fix Cynthia, but Susie and the babies point out that Angelica had just said before that Susie's not a real doctor and she hadn't fixed their toys right the first time.

That's when Angelica finally confesses that she was the one who broke the toys, and that she had done it out jealousy because of the attention that the babies were giving Susie for fixing their toys. Susie then decides to fix Cynthia, but she'll need help from the babies, dressing them up as "Junior Doctors." Chuckie goes outside to keep Angelica company while Tommy and the twins assist Susie. It takes awhile, but they do manage to fix Cynthia. Susie gives Cynthia to Angelica, who thanks Susie for fixing her doll and admits that Susie's a pretty good doctor (her way of apologizing to Susie). Susie---somewhat grudgingly---accepts Angelica's apology.

The scene then goes to the kitchen, where Stu thanks Lucy for helping him fix the sink (Lucy had gotten universal joints from her house). Didi takes Dil back into the playroom, and lets him play with all the toys (that are now fixed), but, just like at the beginning of the episode, Dil breaks them all again. Tommy, Chuckie and the twins are dismayed that Dil's breaking all the toys again, and Susie asks for things to fix the toys.


  • This episode appeared in the Rugrats Decade in Diapers DVD.
  • This episode is, so far, the only known appearance of Mrs. Moo Moo.
  • This episode is possibly the inspiration behind the Disney Junior TV show, Doc McStuffins, where a young girl learns from her doctor's mother how to be a good doctor and fixes her broken toys.
  • Irony: Angelica could have fixed Cynthia herself because she's been apart before, and she can get put back together.
  • Karma: ???

Moral: Always be honest and tell the truth. 

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The Best of Cynthia Pickles! 💖 Rugrats NickRewind

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Angelica Pickles - Fixing And Breaking

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