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Season 7 Episode 2a
Dil Saver Title Card
Dil Saver
Original Airdate April 20, 2001
DVD release Season 7
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Dil Saver is a Season 7 episode of Rugrats

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As Dil keeps breaking all the Rugrats' favorite toys, Tommy wishes he would go away. So when the babies don't see Lulu taking Dil out, Angelica tells them that he is now trapped inside Stu's computer. Will the gang find a way to get Dil back and reverse Tommy's wish? - Description from Klasky Csupo


Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil and Kimi are building block towers while Dil knocks them over so Tommy wishes Dil would go away. Then Lulu visits while the group hide in the closet and Lulu takes Dil off to change him. She dresses him in an orange beanie with stars, a green cardigan with blue horizontal stripes, offwhite socks on his hands and pink trousers with yellow dots.  Stu has saved a photo of Dil on the computer. Then Angelica tells the babies in the closet that Dil has gone away so they look for him and find him on the computer. The monitor says "pee pee" and Phil pees and Lil suggests they try clicking the letter "P", so they try to get him out by typing but it distorts the image. Then Lil puts baby cream on the screen, Chuckie straps a diaper to the screen and, thinking Dil might be cold, Phil and Lil put his pyjamas on the screen, accidentally knocking it over. Still no change. They think he is hungry so they go get some fruit, meanwhile hearing Lulu (who gave Dil to Lou) say "Poor thing. Who's going to rescue him?" about a cat that Spike chased but Tommy thinks she meant Dil. Tommy smears banana on the screen but of course Dil doesn't eat it. The babies accidentally print out a picture of Dil and think it is Dil. They build blocks and want him to knock them over but he doesn't so they turn the computer on and the image pops back up. A voice says "Do you want help?" and they think it is Dil but note Dil can't talk and if he could he wouldn't talk in that voice. Angelica says the computer talked. She says Dil should eat as computers have "menus". Tommy presses buttons to see if they make Dil eat and the voice says "Delete" which they mishear as "Dil eat". So they try to make him eat but knock the computer off the table. Tommy regrets wishing Dil away and the computer says "Do you want to send?" Tommy shouts "Yes! Please! Bring Dil back to us!". He turns it off and it disappears so they check Dil's room to see if he's there and he is. Meanwhile, Stu sees the mess and thinks Angelica did it.


  • Dil is inside the computer because Stu scanned a photo of him and made it into a screen saver.
  • Lulu says she has a flair for "catchy" outfits.
  • Phil wets his diaper in this episode.
  • Tommy thinks that because computers freeze up, Dil might be cold.
  • Chuckie says that Dil could crawl out a computer's "window"
  • In the scene where Tommy looks over the photo of Dil after it is printed out, the yellow tape on the side of his diaper is missing.