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Season 7 Episode 1b
Dil's Binkie Title Card
Dil's Binkie
Original Airdate January 15, 2001 (US)
January 16, 2001
DVD release Season 7
Previous Episode Angelicon
Next Episode Big Brother Chuckie
Dil's Binkie is a Season 7 episode of Rugrats

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Dil's binkie travels all around the neighborhood, from Tommy's jack-in-the-box, to Phil and Lil's mudpies to a bird nest and finally back to Dil. - Description from Klasky Csupo


Didi is making lunch when Dil repeatedly spits out his pacifier giggling happily as Didi tells him it was cute the first twenty times he done it. Once his pacifier splashes in the lunch Didi is making and it gets onto Didi, Didi puts the pacifier back and Dil's mouth and goes to get cleaned up. As she does this Dil looks at Spike who comes into the room to get a drink of water as Dil spits his pacifier out once more as it bounces off the table and into Spike's water dish. Spike then carries off the pacifier with him as he goes outside where Tommy is playing with a jack-in-the-box. Spike drops the pacifier on top of the jack-in-the-box as Tommy kept turning the handle until the box popped open and sends the binkie flying. Dil's pacifier then starts travels around the neighborhood as it bounces off the top of the garage and into Phil and Lil's mud puddle where they're playing.

Phil makes a mud pie, without knowing the binkie was pushed into the pie he was making, as he threw it and it landed in the trashcan Howard was carrying nearby. Howard hands the trashcan to a man who seems to be collecting dirt, sticks, and what not as he dumps the trash's contents into the back of his truck before driving off. A bird is seen flying above the truck as it swoops down and picks up some sticks along with Dil's binkie. The bird then flys off to its nest in the park as it starts to put the sticks into the nest, dropping the binkie in the process. The binkie bounces down the tree and onto the sidewalk as it's run over by a kid riding a skateboard which sends it flying once more.

The binkie then bounces off some of the playground equipment and down the slide where a boy kicks it along with the sand towards another boy. The binkie bounces right past the second boy and into another boy's bike tire where it rickashades off of that and flys over to the tetherball area where two girls are playing teether ball. The ball hits the binkie sending it flying back towards Phil and Lil's house where Betty is cleaning off Phil and Lil. Betty waves off a mosquito before the binkie bounces of her head and she swats at it thinking it's another mosquito. The binkie then bounces off the fence and into the Pickles' backyard as it's riding across the sprinkler water before bouncing off the padio wall and through the kitchen window where Didi was washing dishes as the binkie lands on the counter. Didi shakes her head and picks up the binkie before walking over and putting it in Dil's mouth. Dil was cooing excitedlty as Didi put the pacifer in his mouth as he sucks on it a moment before he pulls the pacifier out of his mouth cooing happily.


Didi: Now keep Mr. Binkie in your mouth while Mom cleans the "oopsie" off her clothes.


  • This is the first Rugrats "short". The "shorts" appeared between the two feature cartoons of the 2001 season.
  • Lil and Howard are the only two characters not to speak in the short.
  • The two boys that were at the bottom of the playground equipment are seen again in the next episode Big Brother Chuckie .


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