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Deborah Thornberry
Debby Thornberry.png
Name Deborah "Debbie" Thornberry
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Homeschooling Student
Relatives Nigel (father)
Marianne (mother)
Eliza (sister)
Donnie (adopted brother)
Friends Angelica
Enemies Darwin, Donnie (occasionally), Eliza (occasionally)
Only Appearance "Rugrats Go Wild"
Voice Actor Danielle Harris
Age 16
39 (age in 2021)

Deborah "Debbie" Thornberry is a typical 16-year-old girl who is Eliza and Donnie's older sister, interested in music and fashion, and longs for the normal suburban life her parents' job deprives her of. She commonly wears an orange camisole, a green flannel shirt, blue jeans (with holes deliberately torn in the knees as a 'grungy' fashion statement) and brown Birkenstock clogs.


Debbie is a typical teenager. She likes boys and is home schooled along with Eliza. However, unlike most kids her age, Debbie travels around the world with her parents, sister, adopted brother, and a chimp. This often upsets her, since she greatly desires the creature comforts that most teens take for granted. It's hard for Debbie to meet boys and date, almost impossible to get to the latest movies or pick up the new CDs she wants, and she's less than thrilled about the wonders of the wild that seem to enthrall the rest of her family. Although Debbie has quite a temper (and usually lets it out on everyone around her), she does love Eliza and Donnie, and usually ends up rising to the occasion whenever she is needed on one of her family's adventures.


Debbie has peach skin. She has white eyes with black pupils and long curly blonde hair. Debbie sometimes wears other clothes. In the colder mountain areas Debbie wears an orange long sleeve sweater. In the beach areas Debbie wears a two piece red swimsuit with yellow sandals, and jean shorts.


She appears in Rugrats Go Wild, in which she befriends Angelica Pickles.


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