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Season 7 Episode 10a
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Day of the Potty
Original Airdate April 6, 2001
DVD release Season 7
Complete Series
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"Day of the Potty" is a Season 7 episode of Rugrats.

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Chuckie accidentally put a plane in the potty. It begins as the bathroom is flooded and the water spreads outside the bathroom. Kira and Chas help him and then he is taken to the yard and he is told that he has broken the potty and scared it will take revenge. Chuckie is crying about the toilet being broken.

Stu and Chas takes the potty to the car and they go to the bathroom property shop. There they discovered a potty that makes Chuckie scared and even close his eyes. Chuckie even more scared when seeing more of toilets at the shop. Meanwhile, the parents are focusing talk to the repairmen part. Without knowledge, the babies run away.

They keep running until they're enter a room which was actually a lift. The door closed and then opened on the storage. Chuckie just keep screaming. They come back to the lift and go back upstairs. They running again and finally ended at a big storage full of parts of toilet. There, they found many set of bathroom, they set a tactic to make them block the way to the potty. Finally, Chuckie decided to just go and do his business at the potties there. Kimi told that it was her brother. But, when Chuckie just start to do it, an alarm has given a sound. The employee runs.

They meet Chuckie that fortunately just done about "what he needs to do" and the set was blocked by some police line. Then they brought back to the parents, and Chaz and Kira has brought a potty. They come back home.

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Chuckie: I didn't want to go my whole life without putting a plane in the potty!

Chaz: Well, I suppose it's like losing a member of the family.


  • At an episode 2 years before this episode (1997 - Season 4 ), Chuckie doesn't like to be watched when he does his business as seen in episode "Potty-Training Spike "
  • For some reason, Didi didn't put the Dil in the daycare area with the kids as she did before.


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