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Darryl Wouldn't It Be Nice.png
Darryl Spears
Gender Male
Age 12-13
Race Human
Occupation Jim Jr. High student
Interests Music
Friends Angelica Pickles


Voice Actor Dempsey Pappion
First Appearance It's Karma, Dude!
Last Appearance What's Love Got to do With It?


Darryl Spears is Angelica's love interest in "It's Karma, Dude!", "Lost at Sea", "Ladies' Man (Ladies' Boy)", "Wouldn't it be Nice? and What's Love Got to do With It?. He is voiced by Dempsey Pappion.


  • Darryl is Angelica's second love interest in All Grown Up!. The first was Sean Butler, although Darryl seems to actually like her.
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