Season 8 Episode 7b
Cynthia Comes Alive
Original Airdate November 20, 2002
DVD release Season 8
Previous Episode Daddy's Little Helpers
Next Episode Cynthia Comes Alive
Cynthia Comes Alive is a Season 8 Rugrats episode.

Characters Present


At the Java Lava, Angelica brings over her new "Hip Teen Cynthia" doll, which talks. However, when Angelica wasn't looking, the Rugrats have broken the doll. Shortly after Stu took it home to fix it, Cindy, a high school intern, came over to work at the Java Lava. When they noticed that Cindy looks and talks like Cynthia, Angelica and the Rugrats thought that Cynthia came to life. Meanwhile, Cindy causes trouble for the Java Lava by not working at all -- she considers nail polish, magazines, and phone conversations to be more important than actually working.


  • Sara Gilbert, originally from ABC's sitcom Roseanne, was the voice of Cindy.


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