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Gender Female
Race Doll
Relatives Angelica (owner)
Friends Angelica (best friend)
First Appearance "Graham Canyon" (Rugrats, 1992)
"She's fierce, she's fashion, she's servin' up some sassin'. She's Cynthia!"
―Phrase heard from the Cynthia toy car, "Second Time Around"

Cynthia (a.k.a Cynthia Pickles[1]) is Angelica's favorite doll, a parody of the Barbie doll. Cynthia's name possibly comes from the British doll, "Sindy". Angelica's doll is known for wearing the same orange dress with red stripes, a black belt with a yellow buckle and red shoes. The doll has an odd hairstyle, most likely because Angelica cut it. Cynthia is nearly bald except for four bunches of hair on the sides of her head and three long hairs sticking out on the right side of her head.

In the 2021 Rugrats series, Cynthia remains Angelica's favorite doll. She also has a pink play-car themed after Cynthia.

Writer Craig Bartlett came up with Cynthia, as he "wanted Angelica to have someone to talk to." [2]


Cynthia is Angelica's best friend and favorite toy. Seeing as how Drew and Charlotte are often too busy with work to spend any actual time with Angelica, and given Angelica's mean and bossy personality, she has a hard time getting along with other kids and has very little actual friends (outside of the other Rugrats, especially Susie), Cynthia's probably the closest Angelica has to an actual friend--she even talks to Cynthia like she's a human. Angelica tries over excessively to buy anything related to her. She at one point tried tricking her dad into buying another Cynthia doll, but still intended on keeping her old doll. Angelica loves Cynthia deeply, as she sees her as her own comfort. The very idea of losing Cynthia horrifies her at times, pointed out in in "Tricycle Thief" in which she fought to keep her innocence so the babies wouldn't let Cynthia go up with Chuckie's balloon. Also, in "The Seven Voyages of Cynthia", Angelica told Tommy she would hurt anyone who takes her doll. In "The Seven Voyages of Cynthia," Angelica reveals that she gotten the doll as a birthday present.

According to Angelica, she water skis, drives a car, is an astronaut, loves brushing her hair, likes shoes, wants to marry a prince and both be mayors, and has always wanted a pony. In the Cynthia Workout song, she can dance and make omelets.

By the time she's thirteen in All Grown Up!, Angelica's obviously outgrown the habit of carrying Cynthia around with her everywhere and talking to her like a real person, but she still cares very much about the doll, even not making her room, "Teenage-like", just for her old doll who she has carried so many memories with the past ten years.

"I Dream of Duffy" establishes that there is a large line of Cynthia products. These include Cynthia's Hawaiian Holiday Beach Hut, Cynthia's Nail & Waxing Salon, Princess Cynthia of Romania's Royal Palace, Cynthia's Dream Rugged SUV, Cynthia's Martian Space Base, USS Cynthia Aircraft Carrier, Cynthia's Pretty Prancing Ponies Carousel and the mad scientist Dr. Cynthastein.


Cynthia has peach skin, blonde hair, white with black pupils, and wears an orange dress with red stripes and black belt with a yellow buckle.

Angelica's doll is mostly bald except for four bunches of blonde hair on the sides of her head as well as two long hairs on the right side of her head. Other Cynthia dolls have been shown to have long, voluminous hair -- while it's never explained while Angelica's doll's hair is the way it is, Angelica's generally assumed to have had something to do with it (like trying to cut/style Cynthia's hair).

Main Product

Cynthia original version on all grown up.jpg

When the actual Cynthia doll is shown, she is intended to have long voluminous blonde hair.


  1. In "Pickles vs. Pickles", Angelica says "The next witness I call: Miss Cynthia Pickles!"
  2. Craig Bartlett's Instagram post on the creation of Cynthia.