Curse of the Werewuff (Episode) Gallery Transcript
(The episode begins showing orange gloppy pumpkin innards with some seeds, as eerie music plays. The camera pans past some of the glop, and then a scoop comes down to scoop up some of the innards. The camera then moves up to reveal an opening on top of the pumpkin, to which Betty is scooping out innards to make it into a jack o' lantern, as Didi does carves a face into her pumpkin...)

Betty(laughs) Come on, Deed. It's Halloween! Oooh! And nothing says "scary" like a big ol' smiley face!

DidiI don't want it to be too intense for the babies!

(Below them, Phil stands on top of Lil and Tommy kneeling down, trying to get to the bowl of pumpkin innards. But as Phil grabs the bowl, he loses his balance and they fall down, taking the bowl with them and spilling innards on the kitchen floor. They laugh as they play in the glop.)

Didi: What on earth is going on?

Betty: OK, boys and ghouls, back to the playpen with ya.

(Betty and Didi pick up their kids and walk them to the playpen in the living room. Stu pops in through the doorway, wearing a green rubber goblin mask with a big nose and wild magenta hair; Stu's eyes and mouth are easily visible through the mask.)

StuBoo! (mock evil laugh) I scared you a little, right big guy?

(Tommy just giggles and pulls on the rubber goblin nose, until Didi pulls him away. Stu groans a bit, feeling dejected, as he walks into the kitchen still wearing the mask.)

Didi: (to Betty as they place the babies in the playpen) Stu's been acting like that all week. He's more excited about Halloween than all the kids put together!

Betty: (sarcastically) Gee, who would've guessed?

(Sure enough, there are Halloween decorations everywhere in the living room, as Drew and Charlotte sit on the couch...)

Charlotte(in her phone) From here to there and back? Yes, as if they could tell my something I didn't know. (laughs) 

(Angelica, dressed as a princess in a pink dress, magenta cape and silver tiara, walks up to a big bowl of candy meant for the trick-or-treaters...)

Drew(scoldingly) Princess?

Angelica(sweetly) Yes, daddy?

Drew: I already told you, Halloween is tomorrow night. Now put the candy back.

Angelica: Can't I have just one piece? Please, please, please?

Drew: Well... all right, but just one.

Angelica: You're the bestest Daddy in the whole wild world!

(Angelica goes to the bowl and tries to pick a piece of candy to eat. She settles on a round piece of chocolate and begins to eat it, but then spits it out...)

Angelica: Yucky coconut!

(Tommy, Phil and Lil are playing with a toy fire truck and yellow car, laughing and making fake siren sounds, as Dil sits in his baby seat.)

LilWhy's your house looking so funny, Tommy?

PhilAnd why's your dad acting so funny?

TommyI don't know, guys. But one thing's for sure: BIG stuff's goin' on!

(Angelica walks up to them holding the coconut candy.)

Angelica: You dumb babies! It's "Hallomean!"

(Tommy, Phil and Lil gasp.)

Tommy: "Hallomean?" What's that?

Angelica: Don't you know ANYTHING? "Hallomean"'s the "bestest" holiday there is! You dress up, you go trick-or-treating and you get lots and lots of candy! (holds the coconut candy piece to the babies)

Tommy: Candy!

Phil: Yay!

Lil: I "likes" candy!

Phil: Speaking of candy, you gonna eat that? (takes the candy out of Angelica's hand and eats it)

Angelica: Ewwwwww!

Tommy: How come we get candy, Angelica?

Angelica: 'Cause you go trick-or-treatin'! "Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat?!"

(Tommy, Phil and Lil begin to smell their own feet.)

Angelica: You babies are hopeless!

(Betty and Didi enter the living room with their finished jack o' lanterns.)

Didi: Ta-daaaaah! The jack o' lanterns are done!

(The door buzzer goes off.)

Angelica: I'LL GET IT! (runs to the door) 

Stu: (still wearing his goblin mask) Wait, wait, I have an idea!

(Angelica fumes in frustration as Stu takes the jack o' lantern Betty carved and walks up to the front door holding it. Angelica grabs the doorknob.)

Stu: (whispering) OK, ready. (he holds the jack o' lantern over his goblin face, and Angelica opens the door for the Finsters on the porch) Boo!

(Chuckie and Chas scream and cower behind Kira.)

Angelica: Fooled ya! It's only Uncle Stu.

(Stu lowers the pumpkin to reveal his goblin face and laughs. Chas and Chuckie yelp again, and Stu peels off the goblin mask to reveal his true face.)

ChasOhh... you see, Chuckie? It's Tommy's dad. Oh... he was playing a Halloween joke on us! (chuckles) Come on, let's go inside.

(Chuckie fearfully looks at the jack o' lantern, Stu's empty goblin mask, the ghost tablecloth and hanging bat decorations.)

Chas: There's nothing to be scared of now.

(Chuckie takes Chas's hand and they walk inside the house. Chuckie whimpers at the Halloween decorations, including a hanging fake spider. When he sees the playpen with his friends, Kira and Kimi, he feels better.)


(He runs over to Kira and hugs her before being placed in the playpen. Chas sits with the other parents.)

Chas: Ohh... I was afraid that Halloween would be too scary for Chuckie.

Betty: I always say the best way to keep from bein' scared is to be more scary than what you're scared of!

Chas: Oh, actually, I never heard you say that.

Betty: (sighs) When we take the pups to the amusement park tomorrow night, let's dress them up as monsters! That way, they'll feel more scary than anything they see!

Didi: You mean, empower them by tapping into their inner monster?

KiraOh, I think it's a wonderful idea! Kimi can be a witch, and Chuckie can be, um... uh... a werewolf!

Chas: A werewolf? I don't know.

Stu: Come on, Chas. Frightnening people is what Halloween is all about!

(As he says this, Angelica tries to sneak another piece of candy from the bowl meant for the trick-or-treaters.)

Charlotte: Angelica!

Angelica: AAH!

Stu: (chuckling) See what I mean?

Charlotte: (warningly) Didn't we tell you no more candy? If we catch you again, no trick-or-treating tomorrow, understand?

(Angelica nods sweetly, then walks off groaning angrily to the playpen...)

Chuckie: But Tommy, "Hallomean" doesn't sound like the "bestest" holiday to me. Not if I'm gonna be a-scared all the time! (to Angelica) Angelica! How come you're dressed like that?

Angelica: You HAVE to dress up on "Hallomean" so you can get candy. I'm a princess, cause princesses get the most candy.

Chuckie: (hopeful) Do we all gets to be princesses?

Angelica: No, you babies are gonna be monsters.

(The babies except Chuckie cheer.)

Chuckie: Ooh, I don't wanna be a monster. Monsters are big and a-scary like the ones hiding under my bed!

Angelica: (teasingly) Too bad, fraidy-cat Finster. You're gonna be a werewolf!

Chuckie: A "were-woof?" Uh, what's a "were-woof?"

Angelica: Oh, just a mean, scary monster that gots a hairy face and poiny ears and howls at the full moon and steals babies and gets hunted down in the forest by grown-ups!

(Chuckie is on the verge of crying.)

Angelica: Now, do you babies wanna know the "bestest" part of dressing up for "Hallomean?"

(The babies all nod.)

Chuckie: (softly) Oh no, oh no...

(Angelica looks around to make sure no one else is watching, and motions for the babies to come closer, which they do...)

Angelica: (threateningly) Whatever you dress up as, you turn into for REAL.

Chuckie: (scared) You mean...?

Angelica: That's right, Finster. Tomorrow you're gonna turn into a werewolf, forever and ever and EVER!

Babies: Huh?!

Angelica: See ya. (walks off cackling)

Chuckie: (grabs the playpen bars) NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

(The camera zooms into Chuckie's screaming mouth and it engulfs the frame with black, as usual. Then we fade to Chuckie's bedroom at night, looking creepier than usual. Everything's in black and white, indicating it's actually a dream. There's a full moon in the window, and a wolf howls as Chuckie sleeps fitfully...)

Chuckie: (whimpering) Uh... oh no... uh!

(Chuckie wakes up, puts on his eyeglasses and looks out the window at the full moon as another wolf howl is heard. The moon reflects against Chuckie's glasses. Chuckie grows claws on his hands, and fur starts to grow on his skin. Chuckie starts howling like a wolf himself, tears his pajama shirt apart to reveal his fur-covered chest, and snarls and howls at the moon some more. Then we see Chuckie, now completely a werewolf wearing his glasses, escape his house and run through the monochrome woods, howl at the moon while perched on a tree branch,  and then come up to the DeVille house as Phil and Lil sleep in their crib. Chuckie scratches on the window with his claws and opens it...)

Phil and Lil: What are you doing, Chuckie?!

Chuckie: I'm a "werewuff," so I gots to steal you!

Lil: (smiling evilly) We're not gonna let ya steal us!

Phil: Yeah! GET HIM! (he and Lil crawl towards Chuckie)

Chuckie: But you guys, "werewoofs" is "apposed" to steal babies!

Phil: Well, THIS babies is gonna eat you up!

Chuckie: Eat me up?

(Chuckie jumps out the window and runs through the village as Phil and Lil and their parents, now fully clothed in old-fashioned villagers' clothes, chase him. Chas, also in old clothes and holding a hollow topless jack o' lantern and a torch, Kira, Tommy, Stu and Didi also arrive and start chasing Chuckie as well. With them are Spike, held on a leash by Stu, and Fifi, held on a leash by Betty.)

Chas: Get him! Come on, let's get him! Get the werewolf!

(As they chase through the village, other villagers in old-fashioned clothing join them as well, including Randy, Lucy and Susie Carmichael, Drew, Charlotte Pickles with her cell phone, and Angelica Pickles with her Cynthia doll also dressed in villagers' clothes. They all chase Werewolf Chuckie through the woods, chattering at once. Chuckie tries hiding behind a tree, but then turns and snarls at the villagers, waving his paw threateningly. But as the villagers get closer, he runs away from them. He tries to climb a tree, but fails, as the villagers catch up to him.)

Chas: Sorry Chuckie, but I have to keep you from hurting anyone. Now get inside the pumpkin. (begins to place the hollow pumpkin over Chuckie)

Chuckie: No, no, no... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

(Right before the pumpkin engulfs him, Chuckie wakes up from his nightmare, with everything colored normally and looking the way it should be. It is Halloween morning. Chuckie breathes frantically as he puts his glasses on, and checks his clothes and skin, appearing normal.)

Chuckie: It was only a "night-scare."

(Kimi cackles from behind their bedroom door. Chuckie sees the shadow approaching from under the door and hides under his blanket. The door opens to reveal Kimi, dressed like a witch, holding a small broomstick and dancing.)

Kimi: Happy "Hallomean," Chuckie!

Chuckie: Kimi? Is that you?

Kimi: (runs up to Chuckie's bed) There's only Kimi-Witch! (laughs as Chuckie looks out from under the covers)

Chuckie: Oh no! Angelica was right!

Chas: Where's my little werewolf?

(Chas enters the bedroom, with a small brown hooded werewolf costume dangling in his hand. Chuckie cowers in his bed in fear, as we fade to black...)

(It fades to that evening. There are cobwebs and flickering jack o' lanterns outside the Pickles' house. Tommy can be heard doing a mock evil laugh inside the house. We then see the view from Stu's camcorder, taking video footage of Tommy in his vampire costume, complete with tuxedo, cape, medallion and the top of his bald head painted black like Count Dracula's hair. Tommy is playing with his medallion...) 

Stu: OK, let's see you use that cape. (shows Tommy how to hold the cape over his lower face in the exaggerated Dracula style, as Tommy smiles) That's my little vampire!

(Tommy laughs wildly, and then Stu, dressed in an identical vampire costume but with his hair slicked outward, does the cape pose himself as Tommy laughs some more. Behind them are Betty, dressed as a cheerleader, and Howard, dressed as a football player.)

Didi: (from the other room) Come on, Stu. It's time to go to the amusement park.

Stu: (to Tommy) Be right back, Count Tom-cula!

(Stu walks off spreading his cape wide, as Tommy walks over to the playpen, where Chuckie is already in his werewolf costume and Kimi in her witch costume. Phil and Lil are dressed as bats, complete with wings and fake bat noses, and Dil is dressed in a hooded spider costume with extra fake arms.) 

Tommy: Being a monster's even better than being a baby! Babies don't "gots" a neat vampire cape! (does the Dracula cape pose) 

Lil: You're right, Tommy. We "gots" wings! (flaps her arms)

Phil: Anyone know what bats eat?

Chuckie: (gloomily) Bugs, bats eats bugs.

Phil and Lil: (in unison) Bugs?! YAY!

Tommy: (closes the playpen gate) Aw, cheer up, Chuckie! I bet werewolves get to do lotsa fun stuff!

Chuckie: Like what?

Tommy: Well, uh.... I don't know yet, but I bet we'll find out soon!

Chuckie: Least your dad's a vampire like you. I don't even know what my daddy is!

(We see that Chas is dressed as a Japanese samurai in a kimono robe and with a sword, and Kira is dressed up as a Japanese princess. Behind them, Didi is dressed as a mummy, wrapped up from head to toe, as she gets a stroller ready, as Stu, Betty and Howard stand nearby. Fifi and Spike walk together dressed as ghosts, with white sheets over their bodies with eyeholes.) 

Chuckie: (sadly) Even Fifi's gonna turn into something I don't want her to be.

(Meanwhile, Angelica, in her princess costume, has been eating candy out of the bowl meant for trick-or-treaters, placed near the front door. Angelica walks back and eats some more of the candy, just as Drew and Charlotte are coming down the stairs, dressed in business outfits...)

Charlotte and Drew: ANGELICA!

(Angelica gasps and turns to see her parents.)

Charlotte: (scolding) That's it, we warned you. No trick-or-treating at the amusement park.

Angelica: But... but... (sweetly) Daddy?

Drew: (smiling) Well...

(Charlotte angrily clears her throat.)

Drew: (reluctantly) You're mother's right, Angelica. You disobeyed, so no trick-or-treating.

(Angelica sniffles sadly as she tears up. Drew smiles again, having second thoughts, but Charlotte angrily clears her throat at him and folds her arms, as Drew smiles sheepishly. Angelica groans angrily and storms over to the playpen grumbling, where Tommy and Chuckie are playing with their toy cars.)

Chuckie: Angelica, I don't wanna be a "werewuff." Can I be myself again?

Angelica: Stop whining, Finster. Besides, just 'cause I got the princess power to change you, do you really wanna be changed back to YOU?

Tommy: Are you sure you're a princess? Cause you still act like mean ol' Angelica!

Angelica: See the crown, baldy? (gets an idea) You know what, Finster? Since I'm a princess and all, I can turn you back into a little crybaby, if...

Chuckie: If what?!

Angelica: (sweetly) If you babies give me ALL your trick-or-treat candy!

Tommy: Our candy?

Lil: I don't wanna!

Phil: So what if he's hairy?

(Dil blows a raspberry at Angelica and waves his legs and arms, including the fake ones.)

Tommy: See? Dilly likes smelling his two, uh, "eleventy," uh, all his spidey feet, and I like my vampire cape!

KimiI wanna do my Kimi-Witch laugh.

Phil: And we wanna stay being bats!

Lil: "Sos" we can eat yummy bugs!

Chuckie: I'll give you my candy, Angelica.

Angelica: That's not good enough. You ALL have to give me your candy, or else NOBODY gets to be a dumb baby ever again!

Chuckie: Oh no...

(Angelica walks past the camera, her brushing cape covering the screen, and when it flaps back, it reveals the next scene, outside the Dreamland amusement park, with the sign changed to "Screamland." A black crow perches on a tombstone and flies up in the air, as the cast stands outside the entrance gate. Grandpa Lou, dressed as Frankenstein's Monster, and Lulu, dressed as his Bride, stand with them. All the babies except Chuckie and Kimi are in strollers.)

Stu: (excitedly) Who wants to go bobbing for apples?

Didi: Now, Stu, we came here to take the babies trick-or-treating, remember?

Stu: Come on, Deed! When am I ever gonna get to do this again with fangs?

Lou: Go ahead. We'll take the sprouts to see some of the sights, and meet you back here in a half-hour.

(Kira, who has been carrying Chuckie, puts him down to join his friends. The Charmichaels also arrive in costume, with Randy as a prince, Lucy as a princess, Alisa as a prom queen, Buster as a football referee, Edwin in a medival outfit, and Susie as an angel, already carrying a trick-or-treat bag and walking up to Angelica.)

SusieHappy Halloween, Angelica! I'm an angel.

Angelica: Yeah? Well, I'm a PRINCESS!

Susie: I'm going to Trick-Or-Treat Street. Wanna come?


Drew: If you're good, we'll... we'll take you later.

(Angelica smiles. The grandparents and the kids stand outside a kiddie haunted house as ghostly moaning is heard.)

LuluOoh, a haunted house! Last time I was in one of these, movies cost a dime, for a double feature!

(They walk towards the haunted house, with Lou pushing the twins' stroller, and Lulu pushing Tommy and Dil's stroller. Angelica mutters to herself angrily as they walk...)

Angelica: (mockingly) "Angelica this. Angelica this. No, Angelica that..."

LouWhaddaya say, you little monsters? Wanna go inside?

(The babies cheer, except Chuckie, who sees a crow fly right past him, and runs over to Angelica and nervously clutches her...)

Angelica: Let go of me! You "gots" more important things to worry about than some stupid haunted house. Like getting me candy!

(Angelica walks in. Chuckie moans and gulps, and follows her inside. A park worker dressed as a ghost in a white sheet stands at the entrance, and scares Chuckie.)

Ghost: Boo!

Chuckie: AAAH! (runs up to the others)

(Inside the kiddie haunted house, it's brightly lit, with whimsical Halloween decorations everywhere. The grandparents and kids walk through the decorated hallway.)

Lulu: Hula Night at the (???) Village was scarier than this. Oh, but it is cute, isn't it?

(As they approach the wooden door at the end of the hall, the door creaks open, and then a man, presumably a park employee, leaps out wearing a white ghost gown, a goofy green rubber three-eyed monster mask with big ears and a propellor beanie, and matching monster hands. He laughs diabolically, and Chuckie shrieks as the other babies laugh in delight.)

Monster Man: (faking being scared) Uh-oh! A scary werewolf, and his friend the vampire, and some bats!

Lulu: Don't forget one old geezer! (takes Tommy and Dil out of their stroller)

Lou: (taking the twins out of their stroller) Ha ha, you bet your third eye they're scary. Go get him, kids! Show him who's boss!

(The children run after the "monster" into the other room while laughing and babbling, while Chuckie says nothing. as the "monster" playfully moans in fear. Then they enter another hallway with a knights' armor and some fun-house mirrors. Angelica looks at herself in one of the mirrors, and isn't impressed by her distorted reflection.)

Angelica: Humph! What good's a mirror if you can't see yourself in it? I'm "onna" go find a real haunted house that doesn't let in stupid babies. (she begins to walk off as the babies step up to the mirrors) And can I help it if accidentally go near Trick-Or-Treat Street, and a ghost accidentally gives me some candy?

(As Angelica walks off, another girl dressed in a princess costume similar to Angelica's, only the outfit is purple, and the cape is dark purple walks up to one of the mirrors, with her mother behind her dressed as a cat.)

Chuckie: (gasps in delight) A princess! Maybe SHE can turn me back into myself!

(The girl is making silly faces in the mirror, and Chuckie walks up behind her...)

Chuckie: (clears throat) "Uh-xcuse" me, your highness... (bows down)

(The princess girl glances at Chuckie, and then looks in the mirror and screams in horror at Chuckie's hideous distorted reflection. She runs for her mom as Chuckie screams as well and cowers in fear. The mother, with her daughter clutching on in fear, glares at Chuckie and takes her daughter away. The rest of the babies catch up to Chuckie as the usual sad synth violin music starts up...) 

Chuckie: (sadly) I didn't want to "a-scare" her! I told you guys monsters was mean. And now I'm one of them forever! AAAAAAH!!!

(Chuckie runs right into the camera as it goes black...)

(Outside the kiddie haunted house, Chuckie stands nervously as various kids and adults walk around in their costumes. Chuckie begins to walk off. Back inside the haunted house, the rest of the tots are talking...)

Tommy: Chuckie's right. I guess monsters are scary and mean. I think it's time to go back to being nice babies!

Kimi: Yeah, me too.

Lil: But I like flapping my wings! (does so) 

Phil: And I like eating bugs!

Lil: You "eats" 'em anyway, Philip!

Phil: Oh, yeah.

Tommy: Look guys, we "gots" to stick together. 

Phil: Well, OK, Tommy.

Lil: If you say so.

Tommy: Yeah. Let's go tell Chuckie.

(In another part of the kiddie haunted house, Lulu, pushing a stroller with just Dil, noticies the other stroller empty, and everyone else not there, as she walks past a wooden door...)

Lulu: Now where did everybody go? Lou? You in there?

Lou: (slowly opens the door and sneaks up on Lulu) Boo!

Lulu: Ohhhhh!!!

Lou: (cackles) Gotcha!

Lulu: (chuckling) Oh, you sure did! Scared me so bad my hair turned white! (gestures to her Bride of Frankenstein wig and laughs)

(Outside, Chuckie sits sadly near a haunted woods attraction, as the other babies catch up...)

Tommy: What are you doing here, Chuckie?

Chuckie: Well, since I'm a "werewoof" I "gots" to hide out in the forest! Only I'm too "a-scared" to go on there.

Tommy: Chuckie, we decided we don't wanna be monsters no more neither.

(Chuckie stands up as a triumphant music piece plays.)

Chuckie: Really?

Babies except Chuckie: Yeah!

Chuckie: (hugs the others) Thanks, you guys! You're the "bestest" friends ever. But now what do we do?

Tommy: (as they huddle together) Well, first we "gots" to find lots of candy. Then, we "gots" to find Angelica! Ready, Chuckie?

Chuckie: Well, I "gots" to go potty, but, I think I'd better wait until I'm me again.

(They all walk through the park together past various costumed patrons and a ferris wheel...)

Chuckie: Looky, Tommy! A Dummi Bear!

(Sure enough, a man, most likely a park employee, dressed in a pink fuzzy Dummi Bear costume with his face poking out of the bear's mouth, hands out candy to kids, as an instrumental version of the Dummi Bears theme plays.)

Kimi: And he's givin' out candy!

(They walk over, with Chuckie a bit nervous. The Dummi Bear man gives some candy to a boy dressed as Abraham Lincoln, smiles at the babies and gives them each a trick-or-treat bag with candy in it.)

Babies except Chuckie: Wow!

(In the main street section of the park, Stu's Reptar robot is on display, and we see many of the costumed kids and adults on the street, including a guy dressed as Elvis, the mother dressed as a cat, the man in the white gown and three-eyed monster mask from the kiddie haunted house, and the five babies looking over their candy bags...)

Chuckie: Angelica's gonna want lots more candy than this! And I "gots" to go potty soon!

Tommy: Hold on, Chuckie! We'll get enough candy somehow.

Kimi: Tommy, look! (points to a building with the ghost from earlier passing out candy in the doorway)

Tommy: There's lots and lots of candy here!

(The man in the ghost sheet gives some candy to a boy wearing a green rubber ogre mask, whom walks off as the babies approach the ghost...)

Ghost: (faking being scared) Oh no, scary monsters! Can you say "trick or treat?"

Chuckie: NO!

(The ghost gives Tommy, Kimi, Phil and Lil candy from his big bowl, and the babies all vocally react in delight and walk away. Chuckie nervously holds his trick-or-treat bag up to the ghost...)

Ghost: Well, now! An extra-scary werewolf should get extra candy.

(The ghost dumps all of the candy from his bowl into Chuckie's bag and walks back inside the building. Chucke smiles happily and joins up with the other babies...)

Chuckie: Looky, you guys. It's almost full!

Kimi: There's Angelica! 

(Kimi follows the others to the regular haunted house for older kids and adults, where Angelica walks up to the entrance...)

Tommy: Come on! We "gots" to catch up with Angelica so she'll turn us back into babies!

Chuckie: But Tommy, that's a grownup "a-scary" house! I don't think babies are allowed in there!

Tommy: (cooly) But we're not babies, Chuckie. We're monsters.

Chuckie: (clutches his trick-or-treat bag nervously) Baby, monster, monster, baby... (gasps) What if I'm a baby monster and I haven't even "growed" up yet?

(The babies go in anyway. They climb up a grimy, dark and twisting stairwell lit by torches. Two animatronic rats stand on one of the steps, with one of them having a malfunctioning sparking tail. They make it to the top of the stairs, with Chuckie in last and the most nervous. Then they walk down a hallway with old-style portraits of people whose eyes follow the kids walking past. Then they enter a candlelit room with a grand piano being played by pair of severed hands suspended by wires pounding random chords at the keys. The babies react in fright, and Chuckie looks into another room, with an animatronic witch cackling and stirring at a steaming cauldron that is heated by lightbulbs simulating a fire. Chuckie sees the shadow of the laughing witch and screams as he catches up with the other babies. Right ahead of them is Angelica, also quite scared, and walking backwards in fear. She passes a casket that creaks open, and a creature with a jack o' lantern for a head pops out and looks at Angelica and screams, as Angelica screams back...)

Angelica: Aaaaaaaaah!!! Ohh, ohh!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

(Screaming the loudest of all, Angelica runs away into the other room, resembling a cemetary at night. In another part of the amusement park, we see a solar system model of some kind with a spooky jack o' lantern face on its' sun, and then we pan left to see that Stu and Didi are at the apple-bobbing tub, as a line of other patrons stand behind them. Stu is kneeling down, trying to grab something out of the tub...)

Didi: Stu, please...

Stu: But Didi, I'm nothing without my fangs!

Superhero Boy: Mister, let someone else have a turn!

Stu: See, Deed? There's nothing scary about a "mister."

Didi: Well, if it makes you happy, you're starting to scare me.

(Sure enough, we see that Stu's false vampire teeth are at the bottom of the apple-bobbing tub, as the usual "wah, wah, wah" music cue plays. Back at the haunted house, Angelica shivers in fear while sitting underneath a tree with fake crows perched on the branches, in the cemetery room. The babies approach from behind her.)

Tommy: Angelica! We got your candy. (notices Angelica shaking and his expression changes to a puzzled look)

Phil: What's wrong with Angelica? 

Lil: Maybe she's cold.

Angelica: (frightened) BABIES!!! GET ME OUT OF HERE!

Chuckie: First you gotta turn us back into babies!

Angelica: First you gotta get me out of here!

Kimi: (teasingly) Wow, Angelica's scared!

Angelica: No I'm not! I just wanna get out of here RIGHT NOW!!! So lead the way!

Chuckie: NO! I'm SICK of bein' "a-scared" and I'm sick of bein' mean and "a-scary!" And I "gots" to go potty REAL bad, so you do what a princess does and you make me Chuckie again!

(The other babies stare at Chuckie in awe for talking back at Angelica.)

Angelica: All right! I'll do it! (waves her fingers) Finster-dee, Finster-dah, make them dumb babies again, blah-blah-blah. Happy now?

(The babies smile and make pleased sounds.)

Phil: Now that we're not scary monsters, what do we do?

(A ghostly moan is heard, and the babies look around the cemetery nervously at the fake vultures in one of the trees and the tombstones, including one with a lit candle on top. A mechanical zombie hand pokes out from one of the graves, and all the babies scream in terror. Then Chuckie looks down at his groin area...)

Chuckie: Well, at least I don't "gots" to worry about goin' potty no more. (bravely) But I "member" what it's like to be a "werewuff," so come on! Follow me!

(Chuckie leads the babies and Angelica through the cemetery. As animatronic zombies pop out of their graves, Chuckie snarls and growls at them like a werewolf, and the zombies react and are lowered back into their graves. But then they approach what appears to be a dead end, with a boarded-up gate at the end of the room.)

Angelica: We're trapped, Finster! TRAPPED! You said you'd get me out of here!!!

(She advances toward Chuckie, who steps on a trapdoor and opens it, falling down and pulling Angelica and the other babies with him. They go down a slide that twists and turns in a long creepy hall. Finally, the slide takes them out of the haunted house and they all land on the ground at the bottom of the slide.

Angelica: You dumb babies! You "coulda" made "pasghetti" out of me!

Tommy: You know what, Chuckie? You talked back to Angelica!

Kimi: And made her turn us back into babies.

Phil: Yay, Chuckie!

Lil: Good job there, woofy!

Angelica: You babies are even dumber than I thought. You "acsually" believed you were monsters for real?!

Chuckie: You mean that was all a lie?

Angelica: (teasingly) And you fell for it. Ha-ha-ha!

Tommy: (angrily) Hey! That means we don't got to give you our candy!

Angelica: Oh yes you do! I took the curse off hair and square!

(She grabs Chuckie's trick-or-treat bag and eats some of the candy in it, just as Grandpa Lou, Lulu and Dil approach them with the strollers and Kimi's witch broom...)

Lulu: Oh, there's the little monsters!

Lou: Now don't fret. I knew they couldn't get into too much trouble at a place like this.

(Angelica grabs another piece of candy and brings it up to her mouth, as we see from inside her mouth as she's putting the chocolate into it, Charlotte and Drew approach her.)

Charlotte: (angrily) Angelica!

(Startled, Angelica spits the piece of chocolate out right onto Chuckie's furry chest.)

Angelica: (sweetly) I was just, uh, helping the babies, um, unwrap their "Hallomean" candy.

Drew: Angelica, someone needs a time-out.

(Stu, Didi, Chas and Kira approach behind Drew and Charlotte. Stu, with his vampire fangs back on, looks disappointed to see the babies with their candy...)

Stu: Aw, Deed, the babies went trick-or-treating without us.

Didi: Now, Stu. If you want, I'll take you later.

(Stu smiles. As he walks off with Didi, Angelica gives a defeated look as the babies talk to each other...)

Chuckie: I'm "con-foosed," Tommy. If I was never a for-real "werewuff," how come I was "a-scary?"

Tommy: I don't know, Chuckie. But the good part is, you wasn't "a-scared" inside the grownup "haunty" house!

Chuckie: Oh, yeah. Maybe the furs in this costume made me feel "a-scarier." Oh, or itchier! (scratches his chest and stands up, picking up his candy bag) But just to be safe, let's dress up as something nice next "Hallomean," like a kitty cat or a bunny rabbit.

Phil: Or a frog!

Lil: A frog, Philip?

Phil: Frogs eat bugs, Lilian!

Lil: Oh yeah! Next year we'll be frogs!

(We pan out from the kids and adults and across the amusement park, with the many costumed patrons and the various rides and attractions operation as searchlights wave in the night sky. Then we pan up to a creepy-looking tree with a full moon in the background, as an owl sits on one of the branches away from us. The owl turns to face us and hoots, and then we fade to black, ending the episode.)

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