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Coup DeVille Gallery Transcript
Season 1 Episode 1
Coup DeVille.jpg
Coup DeVille
Original Airdate April 12, 2003
VHS release Growing up Changes Everything
DVD release Growing up Changes Everything
Previous Episode N/A
Next Episode Susie Sings the Blues

"Coup DeVille" is the first episode of Season 1 of All Grown Up!.

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Lil's new friend likes her, but thinks her brother is "S.I." (socially inept). She begins to demand to be treated as an individual and moves out of her room she shares with Phil. But when she gets invited to a party that she is told to keep Phil away from, will she betray her brother for popularity? Meanwhile, Chuckie tries to ditch P.E. class.

- Description from Klasky Csupo


Lil is invited to a party but Phil is not because he is "S-I" (socially inept) and Lil decides to move out of the her and Phil's bedroom of many years and into the office/exercise area. Phil gets upset. Chuckie tries to skip the President's Fitness Test. Chuckie hides in the bathroom and breaks the pipes. Lil is at the party but the tweenagers are making fun of Phil so they go to the "Twin Canyon Resort" at the end and together too.


  • Tommy: Where are you hiding today? In the janitor's closet?

Chuckie: I've already told you, I'm refusing to take the test in public! Pangborn: Oh, ladies! Chuckie: Oh, no, here comes Pangborn. I'll go hide in the bathroom.

  • Dil: Weirdorama. It's corinthian leather. But it smells like egg salad.

Phil: That is so immature. (Sniffs the shoe) Cat butt, duh.

  • Mr. Beaker: Now, it's time for everyone's favorite time of the year - science projects!

(Students groan)

  • Lil: I was doing what you're supposed to do on vacation. Absolutely nothing.

Phil: It's, like, what she does best.

  • Lil: Great party, Diane.

Diane: Thanks. I opened all the bags of chips myself. Lil: What a workout.

  • Leslie: All the right kids are here.

Diane: Yeah. No lame-brains or dorks. Oh, by the way, where is your brother tonight? Lil: Not here! Diane: He really is a boob, isn't he? Leslie: My vote is for immature slob. Brett: Are you talking about Phil? He's like totally obnoxious in class. Lil: Not all the time. Diane: Not to mention gross and smelly. Leslie: This is fun! And he's really goofy looking, too. Lil: Not like I'm standing up for him or anything, but it's sometimes fun to be gross. And you know, Phil and I are twins, so if you think he's goofy looking, then I guess you think I am, too.

  • Lil: Hey! I can call him a jerk or a slob, but you guys can't. You don't even know him! He can actually be cool sometimes, and fun, and funny, and loyal.
  • Tommy: You held it for over an hour? That's amazing, Chuckie!

Chuckie: Yep, and I think by tomorrow I'll be able to put my arms down. Pangborn: Okay, Finster, take a day for your arms to heal. Chuckie: Thanks, Mr. Pangborn. Pangborn: I'll just plan on you taking the test tomorrow. Chuckie: Oh.

  • Phil: Dil, we gotta slow this twin thing down. It's not like you're not trying. I mean, that mash potato sculpture of us arm in arm was pretty cool. I hated to eat it.

Dil: You ate the sculpture? Phil: I saved the ears. They're in the freezer. Dil: Say no more. In the world of twins, when you eat the potato sculpture, you've said goodbye. And you know, somewhere out there, there are twins who are willing to make me...their Triplet! (salutes and walks away)


  • It is revealed that in this episode that Lil is two minutes older than Phil.
  • Kimi, Angelica, and Susie didn't appear in this episode (though the former is mentioned) ergo making it the first episode where one or more main characters are absent. This makes Lil the only female character of the gang to appear in this episode.
  • This is the only episode without an ending tagline.
  • At one point in this episode, when Dil tries to be Phil's new twin brother, he buys himself and Phil shirts identical to the ones Phil and Lil wore throughout Rugrats.
  • When Phil looks at a bunch of photographs of him and Lil, a photo of them from Rugrats was shown. This is the first time the twins are shown as babies in All Grown Up! as well as the first reference to Rugrats.
  • This episode reveals Lil's full name: Lillian Marie Jill DeVille.
  • This episode can be watched on the Game Boy Advance by purchasing All Grown Up!: Volume 1.
  • This episode can be watched on the VideoNow/VideoNow Color by purchasing "Volume: AGU3"
  • CBS All Access falsely lists this episode's airdate as November 28, 2003.
  • This marks the series premiere.
    • Starting with this episode, there were a few minor changes:
      • Susie's hair is worn in locs instead of an afro. Although this first appears in the next episode. Susie may have gotten her hair dreaded prior to this episode.
      • Samantha, who becomes Savannah, begins to keep her hair tied into three pigtails with a short ponytail. Although she isn't seen until Tommy Foolery.
  • This episode's title is a pun on the name Coupe DeVille, a line of cars from GM's Cadillac.
  • Taking place when the Rugrats are preteens, this series reveals quite a bit about Tommy and Chuckie's grade-school years:
    • In third grade, Chuckie did a book report in a macaroni box that was apparently sent to a landfill.
    • In the fourth-grade state capital test, Chuckie gave answers like Trenton and Timbuktu.
  • This episode reveals that Chuckie lacks coordination.
  • This is the first episode of All Grown Up! in airing order.

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