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Cool Hand Angelica Gallery Transcript
Season 3 Episode 2b
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Cool Hand Angelica
Original Airdate October 3, 1993
DVD release Season 3
Previous Episode Chuckie's First Haircut
Next Episode Tricycle Thief

Cool Hand Angelica is a Season 3 episode of Rugrats.

Characters Present


Angelica and Susie go to day camp, but Angelica only wants to do things SHE likes.

- Description from Klasky Csupo


While all the Rugrats are over at the Carmichael home, Susie tells them that she's going to be spending most of the summer at a day camp and is showing off all the stuff she's going to be using at said camp. Tommy, Chuckie and the twins are happy for Susie and tell her that day camp sounds like fun and wish they could go. Susie says they're too little to go to camp--she says that while camp is fun, it's also really hard. Angelica scoffs at this, claiming, "Camp is for kids who can't handle real life." But Susie tells Angelica that camp in general is a lot harder than you'd think it is, but Angelica brags that she could handle camp, even going so far as to say, "They'd probably make me boss of the place my first day." After Angelica leaves, Susie gets an idea on how to get back at her.

Later that day, while Angelica was watching T.V. at her own house, Susie's mother, Lucy, calls Angelica's mom, Charlotte, and after they get done talking, Charlotte goes to talk to her husband, Drew, and it turns out that Susie presumably told her mom that when she told Angelica and the other kids about her going to day camp, she claims that Angelica got excited about it and Lucy convinces Charlotte and Drew to enroll their own daughter in the day camp that Susie's going to, and they decide to do so--but Angelica ends up being very against it. She tries convincing her parents to not enroll her in the camp by telling them that she's "special"... which makes them determined to send her.

The next day, Angelica, with all her stuff in tow, is on a bus bound for the day camp with a bunch of other kids who're going. After she and the other kids get to the camp and meet the director of it, a man named Jack Bubble, Susie comes up to Angelica--realizing that Susie was the one who ultimately convinced her parents to enroll in her in the camp, gets mad at her. But Susie tries telling Angelica that camp really is fun, and points out some of the activities they can do--such as swimming in the lake, hiking through the woods and even going on an obstacle course. Angelica doesn't want to participate, but gets caught by one of the counselors and is forced to participate in the activities.

During Angelica's time at the day camp, she has a hard time doing the activities and fitting in with the other campers (with the exception of Susie, who does try helping her). After a disastrous tug-of-war which leads to Angelica landing in a big pile of mud and one of the older campers telling Angelica, "Face it're never gonna be a camper." Susie helps Angelica out of the mud, and realizes that maybe some kids just aren't meant to be campers. But Angelica shouts, "No! As bob as my witless, I AM gonna be a camper! I AM!"

A montage then shows Susie helping Angelica improve at the camp activities and ultimately fit in with the other campers--Angelica greatly improves and ultimately has fun at the day camp. But when Angelica gets called to Mr. Bubble's office, Susie and the other campers get worried for Angelica. But after getting to the director's office, it turns out that Angelica's not in trouble--her parents have simply come to pick her up early because the three of them are going to have dinner at Stu and Didi's house that night. Angelica is surprised to find herself not wanting to leave. As Angelica is taken away, the other campers chant her name out of respect and Angelica is left happy that she got to attend.

Music Identification

Bah Vocals: Mark Mothersbaugh


  • The title of the episode its a reference to the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke starring Paul Newman.
  • The camp counselor is a reference to Gunnery Sargeant Hartman, from the 1987 movie, Full Metal Jacket.
  • The shot of Angelica trying to catch a chicken is a reference to the famous film Rocky.
  • This is the first episode in which Tommy does not play a main or supporting role, as he, Chuckie and the twins only appear in the opening scene. Also, neither Chuckie nor Phil have any lines in this episode--but Tommy and Lil both do.
  • This is the first episode that only focuses on Angelica as the main character.

Moral: Encountering new experiences may seem uncomfortable at first but it will be interesting later.

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