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Season 6 Episode 22b
Cooking With Susie
Original Airdate November 2, 1999
DVD release Season 6
Previous Episode Brothers are Monsters
Next Episode Officer Chuckie
Cooking With Susie is a Season 6 episode of Rugrats.


Susie was a first on her block to get a Cynthia Easy Cook Oven -- literally, as they weren't available to the general public yet; the makers were advertisers on the Dummi Bears show. The oven was so precious to Susie, she wouldn't sell it to anyone, not even Angelica. With the oven, she made some Reptar Snack Squares. The Rugrats ate them, but didn't like them. However, they lied to Susie and told her they were the best snacks they ever eaten; they lied (as recommended by Angelica, of course) so they wouldn't hurt Susie's feelings. Instead, this encouraged Susie to make more. They learned to lie after Didi lied about praising Stu's electronic door stop, which was actually the most stupidest invention he had ever invented.


When Susie bakes some Reptar cereal bars that taste really awful, the Rugrats decide to tell her a "white lie" that they enjoyed her cooking so they don't hurt her feelings. But this suggestion (made by Angelica) backfires as Susie keeps making more bad food. Will they have to confess to her that they were not being honest? - Description from Klasky Csupo


  • Stu's new invention is the Doorstopper 3000.


Chuckie: They kind of taste like (spits out food)... cat poo!


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