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Colleen McNulty
Colleen McNulty
Also Known AsColleen McNulty
InterestsHer Kids
RelativesTimmy McNulty, Terry McNulty, Todd McNulty, Ty McNulty, Teddy McNulty (sons)
Conan McNulty (father-in-law)
FriendsDidi, Betty,
Voice ActorTeresa Ganzel
First AppearanceA Very McNulty Birthday
Last AppearanceWash/Dry Story

Colleen McNulty is the mother of the McNulty boys. She is of Irish descent. She's a bit oblivious to how her oldest son Timmy acts with the other kids. While she knows he's mostly a good boy, she was oblivious to the fact that he was trying to get the girls away from playing with him. She's also a lot like Betty, as they are both seen talking about their travels. She is voiced by Teresa Ganzel.

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