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Colleen McNulty.jpg
Colleen McNulty
Also Known As Colleen McNulty
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation None
Interests Her Kids
Relatives Timmy McNulty, Terry McNulty, Todd McNulty, Ty McNulty, Teddy McNulty (sons)
Conan McNulty (father-in-law)
Friends Didi, Betty
Voice Actor Teresa Ganzel
First Appearance "A Very McNulty Birthday"
Last Appearance "Wash/Dry Story"

Colleen McNulty is the mother of the McNulty boys. She is of Irish descent. She's a bit oblivious to how her oldest son Timmy acts with the other kids. While she knows he's mostly a good boy, she was oblivious to the fact that he was trying to get the girls away from playing with him and his brothers. She's also a lot like Betty, as they are both seen talking about their travels. She is voiced by Teresa Ganzel.


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